Open the blocked toilet in 3 ways

How to get rid of clogged toilet like a plumber!? *


For some reason, the lot has been drawn for a man who removes clogged toilets. While a lot

Men are responsible for attacking their riders, they have no plan to attack the clogged toilets!

To help us learn how to effectively get rid of clogged toilets, I called Redor and asked for his comments. Here are Evin's recommendations:

Prevent the toilet bowl from filling up: If it appears that water may overflow from the toilet bowl, Reed recommends that you remove the toilet bowl lid as quickly as possible and close the toilet flapper. Valve, release water from the tank

If you are worried that the water flow pressure will provide a good opportunity for it to overflow, remove the top cap before pulling on the siphon. Then you can hold one hand near the flapper. While with your other hand a

Press the flusher. In the minutes when the water is rising, you are ready to quell the flood.


1- Unclog the siphon with water
The best and easiest way to open the clogs in the toilet siphon is to pour water into the toilet. The main cause of clogging in the toilet is not spilling water. When using the toilet, some water should be emptied in it so that the waste can be removed from the siphon with the help of water and directed to the sewerage network. Otherwise, the toilet pipe and siphon will be blocked after a while. If the toilet is blocked, if the clogging is not so severe, it can be opened with water.

To open the toilet with water, all you have to do is empty some water into the toilet bowl. Both the toilet and the Iranian toilet are opened in this way. You should fill the toilet bowl with water and leave it for a few hours. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Water gently penetrates into the pipes and feces and softens them. The water pressure inside the toilet then causes all the waste to come out of the siphon and drain into the sewer.


2- Toilet opening pipe with well opener (manual pump)
The second way to open the toilet is to use a hand pump or well opener. If you can not remove the clogged toilet with the help of water, you should use this method. The hand pump is a simple yet very useful device for opening pipes that is found in many old houses. With this simple tool, you can easily open the clog.

By placing the opening of the well on the opening of the toilet so that no seam is placed between the two. Then apply pressure to the handle of the pipe opener so that the water enters the clogged pipe and then the clogging is removed. You need to do this over and over again to solve your problem.


3- Using the opening tube spring
Another way to solve the problem is to use an opening tube spring. If the previous methods did not work, you should use this method. By pipe opener we mean a manual person. A simple and very useful tool that can open most of the clogged pipes. A long spring with a handle at the end.

To open the stool with a spring, you must insert the spring head into the toilet siphon and press it until the spring head is clogged. Then try to turn the spring with the help of the handle. The rotation of the spring causes the stools to separate and the blockage to be removed. After that, you have to pour some water into the toilet so that the rest of the waste comes out of the pipe.

If you are unable to open the sewer pipe by any of the above methods, you should contact the pipe opener companies. In this case, simple home methods will no longer work and pouring the solution and acid into the tube will have no effect. You will need to contact a pipe opener company and request a pipe opener.


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