How to do when your baby has eczema eczema

1. best breastfeeding, breastfeeding can reduce the degree of eczema. Infant eczema to milk and other food allergies are most common, many babies soon after birth to add formula, may also cause baby allergies.

2. breast-fed baby, mom mom ate fish and shrimp, milk, 初生奶粉 beef and mutton, etc., baby eczema aggravated, mom can temporarily eat only staple foods and vegetables, when the baby's symptoms are relieved, mom and then the same restore food, each increase in a food to observe 3 days, if the baby does not have a significant reaction, that this food is safe, such as allergic reactions, mom stop eating this food for at least 3 months.

3. Do not cover the child. Although the small baby's temperature BB皮膚敏感 regulation function is incomplete, but too hot, but also can aggravate eczema, keep the appropriate room temperature is good, usually at 22-26 ℃.

4. Do not over-clean. Not to overuse bathing and hair washing products, small babies wash with water, shampoo once a week can be used, after the bath for the baby to apply moisturizer.

5. If it is a relatively dry type of eczema, with a moisturizing effect of cream, with an old brand a net, moisturizing effect is good, to relieve itching. If there is an exuding eczema with thick crusts, apply cod liver oil or zinc oxide ointment to soften the affected area.

Although the eczema is growing on the baby's skin, but it does bb便便not mean that the baby's skin is a problem, the formation of baby eczema is the result of many factors. For unused creams, try to use them sparingly. For infant eczema now there is no cure, parents should not worry, even if the more serious eczema will not leave scars on the baby's skin, generally about half a year old will have significant improvement, about a year old basically disappeared. The reasonably care, the baby's skin to keep moist, do not let the itchy skin affect the normal life of the baby can be.

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