When is a system architect required?

In practice, the question often arises: when should a system architect be involved in a project, and at what stage? The global field of design activity with the differentiation of projects in terms of supply of products and the necessary survey, design and other works. The blue line in the figure shows the conditional "boundary of applicability" of system architects. There are projects that require minimal resources when it is just a matter of supplying equipment, when a tender is being prepared, or when the entire project can be completed by a third-party contractor. There are projects involving a large volume of various works, including construction, significant supplies of equipment, etc. And, of course, there are exceptions to the rules.

An important aspect of the system architect’s activity is participation in competitions (time is money there), where he is present more with his intellect and experience in order to promptly tell what exactly will turn out and what not, what technical parameters are feasible, what requirements and under what conditions are feasible and, most importantly, about what kind of money you can meet.