Almost every raw crystal jewelry wholesale and gemstone have a fascinating backstory. When you consider how old the majority of them are, this isn't surprising.
Take a look at the examples below to get a sense of what we're talking about:
Swarovski crystals aren't natural jewels, in case you didn't know. Instead, they're handcrafted in Austria by humans. Daniel Swarovski developed the first Swarovski diamond in the late 1800s (lead glass crystal).
Since then, the Swarovski Crystal firm has created these sparkling, precision-cut, premium-quality lead glass crystals as the industry standard.
Sand, quartz, and other minerals make up the composition of these gems. However, no one knows the exact quantities. For ages, this has been a company secret!
Here are a few fun facts about Garnet raw crystal jewelry wholesale for those who don't know.
- The birthstone for January newborns is garnet.
- It's also the stone used to commemorate a couple's second wedding anniversary.
- The Latin word 'Garanatus' is the source of the term 'garnet.' Regarding pomegranate seeds, this means seed like'!
Garnet has been around for ages, just like many of the other gems mentioned in this article. It has been used since 3000 B.C.! Architects discovered garnet beads in a young man's tomb. It is not only a historically significant find, but it also demonstrates the longevity of this rare stone.
Marcasite has been utilized for millennia and may be traced back to the Incas! Historians claim to have discovered marcasite objects, including jewelry, in various Incan burials.
The Incas reportedly used this gem to make reflective plate-shaped surfaces. They used these pieces as part of a Sun God worship rite. Native American shaman also employed marcasite. They thought the diamond had therapeutic properties. This gemstone was used to delve deeper into the patient's soul.
Moonstone is said to be made from hardened moonbeams in Hindu mythology. Many other cultures, in addition to Hinduism, relate this gemstone with moonlight.
Let's face it: it's easy to understand why.
Its interior structure shatters any light that strikes this stone. The result is a phenomenon known as 'adolescence.' As a result, an intriguing visual effect emerges. How cool is it that this resembles the texture of a bright moon through dispersed clouds?!
This raw crystal jewelry wholesale is a very new gemstone, having first debuted in the late 1990s. We should inform you, however, that this gem is officially coated with white quartz.
As a result, it isn't an official gem type. Instead, this stone is transparent quartz that has been improved. Because of its changing colors, this quartz has earned its jazzy moniker. These have a mysterious and strange look about them. Rainbow-themed aesthetics are every day in mystic quartz.

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