What makes Android TVs Increasingly Similar to Android Smartphones?

Even a slight research into the smart TV models currently available in the market would show the extensive use of Android OS. Evidently, Android has gained considerable popularity among TV users just as it did among the smartphone users. Essentially, an Android TV runs on the same OS as an Android smartphone, with few modifications to make it work on the large screen. This has allowed the manufacturers to integrate various smartphone features into the televisions. 

  • Apps - Apps are inarguably the prime reason behind the popularity of Android smartphones. Android supports a vast range of apps for various purposes. Being easy and convenient to use, mobile apps had gained considerable significance in the last decade. Now, the best Android TV models come with Google Play Store, the popular app store found in every Android smartphone. This allows the users to choose from a wide plethora of apps to cater to their entertainment needs.
  • Gaming - One of the reasons behind Android being the most popular OS globally is its gaming features. Android smartphones are typically known to be great for gaming, due to their smooth interface and various additional features. Moreover, like apps, plenty of games are available on Android too. The modern Android TVs allow the users to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. While they get to play the same games as they play on their smartphone, an ultra HD Android TV delivers much better graphics and sound.
  • Chromecast - This is yet another popular feature found in Android TVs. Chromecast is a feature that allows the users to cast the display of their smartphone or laptop into their smart TV. However, while they would need a special HDMI cable in case of other smart TVs, an Android TV doesn’t need one. Android TVs come with Chromecast as a built-in feature. The users can simply use the app and set up a wireless Chromecast connection. Many of the streaming apps on Android smartphones come with a cast button and a simple tap on it allows the users to cast the screen.
  • Voice recognition - Android smartphones sport a very useful feature: voice recognition. It allows the users to perform various functions on their phone using their voice alone. The same feature is now available on smart LED TV running on Android OS too, with powerful sound receivers and intelligent AI following the instructions accurately. From adjusting the volume to searching for content, everything can be done using voice commands.
  • Google Assistant - Last but not the least, Google Assistant is the virtual personal assistant that every Android smartphone comes with. This assistant is now available in TVs as well and allows the users to set up tasks and plan their day on the TV. One may ask an Android ultra HD smart TV questions about the weather, the traffic, etc. and even search the web. 

Undoubtedly, Android TVs are becoming more and more similar to smartphones in terms of features, convenience and additional functions. Judging from the positive response this has received from the TV users, the trend is expected to continue.