Harry Styles Is the Most Stylish Man of the Year,

Come collect your trophy, Harry Styles! You, dear boy, are GQ's Most Stylish Man of the Year, as voted on by an entire bunch of savvy Instagram voters—nearly 200,000 within the finals alone, and quite two million since Monday's kickoff. And it wasn't all that close, within the end. HarryStylesMerchandise Styles romped all the way through this tournament: he smacked Diplo, erased Pharrell, sauntered past Tyler, the Creator, and dispatched no but Timothée Chalamet within the finals. Those are four of the simplest dressers going, and designs moved past them with ease.

And “ease” seems to be a recurring thing for Harry. His Vogue cover—Gucci dress and all—caused a minor right-wing freakout, and yet Harry was utterly, placidly undeterred. “Bring back manly men,” he wrote, cheekily—because, for Styles, there's basically nothing more manly than wearing the garments that cause you to feel great, regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum.

In a year where nobody really had to wear much of anything, Styles saw your sweatpants trend pieces and laughed, a touch pityingly. Housewear for Harry may be a JW Anderson cardigan. (In his hands, it becomes a viral TikTok plaything.) He nailed the funky manicure. He introduced us all to “Watermelon Sugar,” during a video “dedicated to touching.” He navigated his way through a wierd , sad year in high style—and for that, he's a deserving winner. Our congratulations to Harry, and our because of you readers and voters. We'll see you in 2021.

Harry Styles is that the Most Stylish Man of the Year as Voted By You
The Finals, 12/17
Well, we've made it—the finals are here. And boy, can we have a fight a-brewing. Young king Timothée Chalamet rather comprehensively waxed slightly older King LeBron James, while high-waisted hero Harry Styles defenestrated a brave Tyler, the Creator by approximately an equivalent margin. which suggests , of course, that the 2 will bully off in our final matchup, which runs from [checks watch] immediately until this point tomorrow.

What might this matchup tell us about the state of private style? Perhaps that it's more personal than ever. Chalamet and designs are two of the foremost self-assured dressers on the planet—you never get the sense that their clothes are wearing them, only that they are pretty stoked to be wearing whatever it's they awakened feeling excited that morning. And, oh, the items these guys get excited about! Chalamet's collection of sturdy Prada nylon and glossy Haider Ackermann tailoring! Harry's Bode, which manly-man dress! Whoever wins, the highest prize will attend one among two young celebrities who clearly love getting dressed. And now we'll see who comes out on top.

The Semifinals, 12/16
In this bracket—as therein other, more famous college-hoops one—the second round is where the wheat and chaff begin to separate. Where the upstart underdog's run ends at Harry Styles Tshirt  the feet of a juggernaut. Jerry Lorenzo's revolutionary suiting couldn't get him over the hump against a bubble-tested LeBron James, while Timothée Chalamet made surprisingly short work of Travis Scott. (La Flame's army of McDonald's-devouring hypebeasts, it seems , was no match for Timmy's international squad of stans.) In perhaps something of an upset, Tyler, the Creator and his trusty Timex (or is that his trusty…Cartier?) sent Brad Pitt packing. And in something but an upset, the unstoppable speeding train that's Harry Styles left no survivors in his matchup against Pharrell.