How to study abroad as a student fast time

What's up everybody? Hello! and today we're going to talk about, how to study abroad. Alright, so we're writing this post, because six months ago, we were all invited to the White House, to be part of this big Travel Bloggers' Summit, on Studying Abroad and Global Citizenship, because studying abroad, and learning other languages, learning about the world, is an increasingly, essential skill, for our generation.

That's why they brought us in, the Travel Blogging Crew! because we know the hacks, to help you guys get started. So, let’s do that!  Have any of you guys ever studied abroad? Ahh..., No but I've had several friends that have studied abroad, I think... you, I have studied abroad!  Long story short, studying abroad is good because, it opens you up to, finding out more about yourself, and finding out more about different cultures, around the world, and also like, learn new languages, it's also a big thing, especially if you're going to a, non-English speaking country.


I studied abroad in New Zealand, and technically they speak English, but I pretty much learned a different language, down there as well.

It gives you a chance to, also travel while you're in school as well, because you don't have to wait 'til you're finished. You can have fun, and, learn, at the same time.


That's why you watch Vega brothers though, right? So..., Of course! Right now, only about 10%, of Americans are studying abroad, right? Right, yeah.


There are 10% of Americans studying abroad, 3/4 of them are white, and over 63% study in Europe.

So that means that there are not enough people, studying abroad and they're all, kind of going to the same places. Ok, so now that you've decided you, want to study abroad, what are some of the barriers, that you are going to face? Well, there are some barriers that are real, and there are some that are perceived.

So, starting with the perceptions. I mean, one of the most common ones is that you know, you're going to be away from family and friends. So, what do you do about family and friends? Is it really that bad to be away from Mom and Dad for a while? Skype! 21st century you guys! Your iPhone probably sends iMessage. Another one, people might say that living abroad can be intimidating. What would you guys say to that? Definitely! But in a good way, right? In a very good way.

I think it's good to put yourself, out of your comfort zone, and try new things., It’s how you learn and grow as a person., Money...money, So, the biggest is that thing people say: “I can't afford to live abroad. I can't afford to study abroad". There're some great scholarships, that we found out about from this conference, and we're going to make a blog post, with all the information.