Tysnesfest-current The Prodigy does not know who Kygo or Alan Walker is. Is there anything Liam Howlett from the British band is, then it's direct.

On a Friday, the 13th of July, the British legends from The Prodigy on the Gjerstad arena are featured. Then the year's Tysnes party rolls on the third day, and the British finish the festival's second last day with "Smack My Bitch Up" and "Voodoo People".

The band's founder, Liam Howlett, has his very own way of conducting an interview, and when BA asks to speak to the British, it must be done by email.

Who is Kygo and Alan Walker?

The British clearly runs its own program when it comes to music and releases. He does not like the industry as it has become today, and Howlett will also not talk about how the industry has evolved.

- What is the biggest difference in the music industry from when you started today?

"The biggest difference between us is that we are much better today. I'm not an industrial person, so that question makes you quiet someone else, says Howlett in cash.

"Bergen has got its own superstars in Kygo and Alan Walker. What do you think about your music?

- I've never heard of them ...

Brutal on stage

The triumph of The Prodigy, composed of Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality, is famous for their brutal concerts, where they work hard to convey their music.

- You are known to be brutal on stage, showing that you still love playing live. How do you keep up the pressure?

"When you're in something and feel deep inside you, do it without thinking. It's completely automated in my body, "Howlett said.

He also promises that the audience at Tysnesfest will experience both classics and new music.

"We have made so much music that we can not accommodate everything, but I promise we will play both old and new," says the founder of the band.

"I am my biggest problem

Asking if it's hard to make bighits after the megahits from the first albums, the answer comes in cash.

"All that's hard is to make myself happy. I'm my biggest problem in life, says Howlett.

The Prodigy has played in Norway countless times, and that's one thing that annoys the artist.

"Sometimes the Norwegian audience is a bit too reserved," says the artist.

He promises life and touches when the British arrive at Tysnes.

"We like to play in Norway, but when we get to Tysnes, people get into the madness, because we will come along," he says.

- You said to a music magazine in 2015 that "electronic music is no good anymore". Do you still think so?

- Yes, most music producers are like sheep. They follow each other and use the same "sound". I think that is not yet good enough from most artists, but there are some special out there who still make good music, says Howlett.

- You have been more or less accountable from 1991 until this year. Do you never feel tired of being on your way?

- No. We have been touring all the time and I have no plans to stop before I smoke, says BA directly.

- Of all the concerts you've had, what's the most sick you've experienced?

- Keith Flint, says Liam Howlett and refers to his long-standing band colleague.