4 Solutions To aka.ms/remoteconnect Error

Looking for solutions to Solutions To aka.ms/remoteconnect Error problem? Most of the time, when people try to login to Minecraft with their Microsoft account for the first time, this error occurs. Many people play this game as it is a very famous game, but most of the people get aka.ms/remoteconnect error, which causes trouble in playing the game smoothly. There can be many reasons behind it, and further in the blog, we will discuss them and tell the solutions to these problems. This error can occur in XBOX, PS4, Nintendo, and other consoles, or you can also face an error on your computer. The common reason for the http //aka ms/remoteconnect error to occur is the change of the device on which you are playing this game.

Reasons Why This Error Occurs

Here are some of the reasons because of which aka.ms/remoteconnect error occurs:

If the game data is corrupted

The game data is very important for the users. For any reason, if this data goes corrupt, then it can become a serious problem for them as they cannot access the data in the files, such as they cannot see their map of progress. Here are the ways through which you can get rid of this problem:

  • You can reinstall your game, but this solution is not reliable as after reinstalling the game, they might still be corrupted, and again you cannot access your data.
  • The other way is that you find the reason because which your data is corrupted and try to fix that issue as per requirement.
  • The best way to deal with http://aka.ms/remoteconnect error is that backup your data regularly so that no inconvenience occurs. And if the files are corrupted, then you can remove the corrupted files and use the backup files.

If the devices are changed

we can avail the opportunity of crossplay in Minecraft. Because of crossplay, we can play the game on different platforms with the same account, and this privilege is proved to be very effective. But sometimes, the user might not find it convenient as they have to face the aka.ms/remoteconnect error. They cannot log in to the game, and other issues might occur in the game. And the main reason behind this problem is changing your gaming platform, but you can deal with these problems.

  1. How To Fix The Crossplay Issue?


If any crossplay issue occurs, then it is not a big deal to get rid of the crossplay issue if you follow the steps accurately. Steps for dealing with this issue are given as follows:

XBOX Crossplay

You can download Minecraft from the main store if you have it on the Xbox. To play Minecraft through the remote play, you must have it either on XBOX One or XBOX 360.

  • Link– https://aka.ms/xboxsetup will help you to get the remote play codes. You can find the code for your remote play function on the webpage, which you can access through your XBOX browser. You must have a Microsoft account, and for some reason, if you do not have one, then you can get a free new one. It is mandatory to have a Microsoft account.
  • Remote play code will appear on the screen, and you can open it by clicking on it. After writing the code that appeared on the screen, the website will directly open the Minecraft video game.
  • This is how you will get rid of aka.ms/remoteconnect error. You will get rid of the problem as soon as you follow these steps, and now you can enjoy your game.

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