Why our society needs more solar panels?

With the threat of extinction of fossil fuels, it is becoming difficult to conserve and use them. Since the availability of fossil fuels is less, it is becoming expensive day by day. Due to this reason, many countries are using solar energy as a substitute for fossil fuels due to many advantages. Solar energy can be used by capturing sunshine in solar panels. One can get the best solar panels in Ireland easily, as they are now available at various retail stores and also online. There are many reasons why our society should shift to solar energy instead of fossil fuels for basic uses.

1. No pollution: Since solar panels use the energy of the sun rays and then converts it into electricity, a lot of pollution can be reduced by this method. Refrigerators and air conditioners emit chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere which results in the depletion of the ozone layer. If solar energy is used instead of nuclear power or coal, then the release of CFCs can be decreased. Depletion of the ozone layer is a concern for the world right now due to this harmful rays entering the earth. Solar energy cannot cover up the depleted layer, but it would at least prevent the Ozone layer from depleting anymore.

2. Conservation of fossil fuels: Not only for household usage, solar energy can even be used to run a vehicle. There are many companies who are making solar cars where solar panels are installed to absorb the sun rays and store them to run the vehicle. It has already been released in some countries and has been accepted in many developing nations as well. Through this, air pollution can be reduced which occurs due to the release of pollutants from vehicles.



Not only pollution, but also fossil fuels like petrol and other oils can be conserved which are basically used for running a vehicle.

3. No more need of nuclear power: Usually energy provided to the common people are generated from nuclear power plants. These plants are responsible for providing electricity. There is always a chance for nuclear accident and radiation in the areas nearby the plants. Radiation can be harmful for humans and also plants and animals. Solar energy can help in providing the necessities without any disadvantages or dangers that come with nuclear power plants. With the increase in solar energy awareness, these power plants would shut down and be converted to solar plants to provide facilities to the people.

4. No more depending on nations for energy: Many countries are depended on other nations for the supply of energy, which can cost a lot. With solar energy not only, the cost would be reduced, but also the country and the people won't have to depend on other nations for their supply of energy.

Though installation of solar panels can cost a lot, it would be a one-time investment with benefits throughout the life. Many countries supply solar panels to promote the benefits of solar energy. Best solar panels in Ireland, in Dublin and other nations are available which can be used for converting the solar rays into electricity. Solar energy would be the future of the world which can conserve fossil fuels and also save the lives of many living beings.

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