Net gambling firm unscathed by police raids

update VANCOUVER--Online gambling and pornography company Starnet Communications continued trading shares and operating its business after police raids of its offices Friday.


Shares of the Vancouver-based company rose 1.53 to 5.59 in trading of about 6.8 million today, almost eight times its three-month daily average. The shares fell 69 percent on Friday.


British Columbia's Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit said Friday that it was investigating possible illegal betting and bookmaking offenses and allegations that Starnet distributed illegal pornography over the Internet. It searched Starnet's headquarters and the homes of six of its officers and directors.


"On the basis of solid legal advice, we will continue to offer shares of the company to the investing public," chief executive Mark Dohlen said. "We are a company that is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations."


No charges have been filed against the company or its executives. 현금바둑이 said there were only "minor interruptions" to its business over the weekend and that the raids didn't affect its ability to pay off winning bets on its online gambling sites.


Searches of Starnet's offices continued through 8 p.m. Vancouver time yesterday, said Peter Thiessen, a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Officers from the cities of Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Delta also took part in the raids.


Canadian police are sharing information from their investigation with law enforcement agencies in other countries, including the United States, said Superintendent Dave Randhawa of the Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit.


Dohlen said he believed the investigation resulted from "a misunderstanding of Internet issues" as they relate to Starnet's main business of online gambling. "There is little or no legal precedent relative to this business," he said.


Best bingo callers on the Net              


The most important person in the bingo hall, next to you the player of course, is the caller. The caller is the entertainment and sets the mood and tone for the game.


Many online games have a computer-generated voice calling the numbers. Other games don't provide a caller at all so you have to read the numbers as they appear. It seems to me that some game designers have overlooked this crucial component of the game.


So which online bingo games have the best callers?


This is an easy one: Carry On Bingo. This site features Kenneth Williams of Carry On movie fame as the resident bingo caller. His hilarious voice and jokes really bring the game to life and put a smile on my face.


And we get to see Kenneth's picture, too. Not that he's a Calvin Klein underwear model but at least the photo gives the game a friendly, personal touch. More sites need to follow Carry On Bingo's lead.


I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Cyberbingo's number caller. The voice of this young gentleman is smooth, clear and friendly.


So what can we expect in future? I'd like to hear more celebrities providing the voices. May I suggest Ricky Martin and La Bingo Loca?



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