What Are The Three Most Popular Architectural PVC columns?

Architectural PVC columns are used to provide strength to the porch, roof, or balcony and to beautify your home, office, museum, etc. The best thing is that an architectural PVC column can be converted into any crazy style you want. Choosing the best style for your home


completely depends on whether it is for the front porch or back porch, setting up the interior of home or exterior of the home and can also be used to decorate lawn or to give support to the roof and balcony. You will be amazed to know that these    Standard PVC columns are only made of fiberglass, Aluminium, and Cellular PVC. We have jotted the three popular styles of Architectural PVC columns.


1) SQUARE COLUMN: These are used to decorate the exterior part of the house precisely to give support to the front porch or to provide strength to a building. These can be used with paneling or molding to give a beautiful look to the column.
2) ROUND COLUMN: These can be used for the interior as well as for the exterior. They also act as structural support to bear the full load and also give a decorative look. These are of two types plain and fluted. Both of them can be used for the interior and exteriors of the house with or without tapering at the lower and upper end of the column depending on your choice.
3) INTERIOR COLUMN: These interior columns, another type of architectural PVC columns are not meant for load-bearing. They are generally used to give a posh look to the interior of the infrastructure to provide a look similar to the exterior of your home. They can be round, square, plain fluted, and any of the crazy designs which you can imagine. As they are not meant for load-bearing support they are made of drywall while the exterior column is made of sturdier material.


Generally, columns are used as load-bearing support for the structure but decorating them to beautify the structure has been done for ages but with help of PVC, it is widely used to mount into any shape easily and additionally requires less maintenance to give modern columns the status of premium columns. Elsewise you can also try modular flex columns that are easy to purchase which can also enhance the look of your home’s exterior and interiors with minimum effort.