The process of applying for a loan with a credit card business

Loans that can be applied for with credit cards are:

One, for the bank's personal for credit business loans. The major network bank development have their own personal social credit risk loan company products, such as ICBC Rong e loan, China Merchants Bank lightning loan, Bank of China e loan, Guangfa e second loan, etc., hold the bank credit card user information can apply for in the corresponding bank's cell phone APP.

Second, apply for credit card cash installment. Cardholders can apply for credit card cash installment business in the corresponding credit card APP. After the credit card is approved, the bank will credit the credit limit applied by the cardholder directly to the debit card designated by the user. The user can return the loan principal and interest on time according to the installment agreement.

Use credit card to withdraw cash directly. Users can 結餘轉戶信貸評級bring their credit cards directly to the bank's ATMs to withdraw funds. Currently, there is a handling fee and interest to be paid for withdrawing credit cards. The fees range from 1% to 3% of the withdrawal amount and the interest rate is 0.05% per day.

In addition, users can also use credit card installments to purchase cars, installments of home improvement, etc.

In short, a good credit card borrowing and repayment record we can help the user by accumulating credit, for the business loan company business has some help.

Credit card loan process is as follows.

1. First we need to call the bank and make a business application.

2. Provide customer service staff with their credit card information, including card number, name, etc. , and inform the purpose of the loan. You can ask the customer service about the interest rate of the loan and consider how many periods you are suitable for.

3. Wait for the time bank's examination, after the examination and approval, the fund management will reach your personal bank account.

4. You can also go directly to the credit card bank branch. Hold your ID card, credit card to the bank branch, fill in under the guidance of the staff to complete the audit.

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