7 Tips To Find Gift Shop Wholesale Suppliers


When establishing a gift shop or any other retail establishment, getting the right supplier is key. In the United States alone, there are over 300,000 companies that make up the wholesale distribution industry. Among the scores of Gift shop suppliersthat belong to this sector, you can find the most suitable candidate to be your provider of unique gift items like musical toys, rainsticks and didgeridoos, windchimes and hangings, and more. 

But if looking for the perfect supplier seems like an overwhelming task for you, don’t worry -- we’re here to be of help! Continue reading and check out these seven important tips we’ve compiled: 

Know the different types of suppliers

Generally speaking, suppliers can be classified into four. The most common type is the manufacturer or the very company that creates the products you can sell. Second is the distributor. They buy in bulk from manufacturers and sell it to retailers. Another type is the independent craftsman. They make products that are rather rare, hence they make for the best choice for people looking for Unique gifts wholesale suppliers. Lastly, the import source, wherein you can get your supply of foreign goods. 

Visit trade shows

Now that you know the different supplier classification, it’s time to start your quest for the best gift shop suppliers in town. Typically, people start their search by attending trade shows. This event is a great platform to gain insight into your prospect firm, and compare their rates to their competitors. 

Read over trade publications and magazines

If you’ll read over some magazines, you’ll realize that they’re a treasure trove of potential suppliers for your gift shop. Many suppliers put up advertisements in this kind of readings. 

Ask around your peers

If you’re the more meticulous type, you can ask around your peers if they know unique gifts wholesale suppliers. If you know someone from a non-competing gift shop business, you can ask him or her if he or she knows any top-rated provider. 

Search on the web

If you are to search for potential providers in the virtual world, it’s best to search them according to products. And if you want a more localized approach, don’t forget to add your area’s zip code. If the search engine results don’t satisfy you yet, you can try going over through online trade directories. 

Make sure your agreement is favorable for you

If your search is finally over, make sure that the agreement you’ll be signing with your gift shop supplier is favorable for you. Check out their payment and shipment terms, and don’t forget to ask how quickly they can deliver your products. You should also ask if they accept credits, and if so, how much they can extend them. 

Establish a long-term business relationship

Nothing beats having a stable, long-term business relationship. In the course of your partnership, you can secure more favorable terms. You can also get that sense of familiarity and flexibility that are also important in any business.