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Founded in 2013, Reance International Co., Ltd is a company specialized in aluminum based materials. With more than 10 years experience in aluminum industry, we’ve offered our clients from all over the world with best aluminum foil containers & tray products & solutions from China.



Aluminum Foil Container Collection

We did an interesting thing on Monday this week. Guess what we did?

Group Activities

We made a lot of delicious food, such as egg tart, pizza, pasta, hamburger, salad, fried chicken and french fries.

This event is really meaningful to us, because we made these tasty food by using our aluminum foil container.

What dose it mean?

It means that as an international sales, we not only sell the products, but also have deep love for them.

The products we sell to you are also used by ourselves.

At the end of this blog, let me share a ridiculous thing.

Due to the hot weather in China, we decided to order takeout instead of going out. However, the restaurant only gave us 7 meals but there are 8 people in our team, then what should we do?

Do not worry, as an aluminum foil container supplier, there are various kinds of containers in our sample room.

Thus we choose a rectangle foil container to fill the rice. This container is so useful anywhere on account of convenience and practical usage.


Shaoxing, P.R.China