FOGG Terpenes ֠Bestsellers Collection (30 ml)

Size:30 ml


Uses: Aromatherapy oil diffusers, additive for bath and body products and flavor enhancer. Before buying, the customer is advised to research this product. This product is a TERPENE PROFILE. Terpene profiles are specific type of aromatic mixtures which include ONLY terpenes. As such they strongly resemble the source material, but do not contain many aromatic chemicals such as flavonoids, alcohols, aldehydes, or thiols which also contribute to the original source’s aroma. Aroma notes such as “skunk”, “dank”, or certain fruit notes are not possible to reproduce using only terpenes. If you have any questions about how to use this product, please feel free to contact the buyer through Amazon.

Organic & Non-GMO
No PG, PEG or VG
Pure steam distilled terpenes
Pack Contains Fogg’s Best Sellers – Sour Diesel, Lemon Kush, Blue Dream, OG Kush and White Widow
All Ingredients Certified Organic by the USDA National Organic Program











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