Wood Floor Refinishing Tampa Services

hardwood floor refinishing services

When looking for a hardwood floor refinishing service, the size of your room should be considered. Smaller rooms will generally cost more than larger ones, and the refinishing equipment can be difficult to maneuver. A large project represents more money for less work. For example, a contractor may offer to refinish several rooms in one visit, so the overall cost can be less per square foot. Additionally, you can save money by hiring a Wood Floor Refinishing Tampa contractor who offers discounts for bigger projects.


Before hiring a hardwood floor refinishing service, get three free quotes and research the company thoroughly. You should also check out the reviews, especially if you're planning to have the floor refinished with a special type of wood. The best refinishing service should be able to provide a detailed quote, and should also be willing to do any repairs if part of your floor is damaged beyond repair.


To begin a hardwood floor refinishing service, remove carpets and furniture from your home. Your flooring professional will examine your floor and remove old floorboards. They will check for cracks and damaged areas and re-nail them. Then, they'll sand down your floor to remove any imperfections. Make sure to bring in a vacuum before the refinishing process begins.