Taxis are clearly the most comfortable way to get around Mykonos, as they are available at any time to serve you. Moreover, you are relieved of "stresses" such as parking, driving itself, and limiting your drinks below the legal alcohol limit. Taxis in Mykonos operate with a taximeter and are charged according to the distance. The taxi ranks are located in Chora, one at OTE and the other at Fabrika, on the other side of town.


Telephone numbers of the taxi centre and the mykonos airport taxi rank: (+30) 22890 23700, (+30) 22890 22400, 24 hours a day.


Getting around Mykonos is easy because the island has both a large and good road network and public transport. The roads are largely paved and only perhaps towards some of the more remote beaches will you have to travel on concrete roads - hardly ever dirt roads. At the same time, there are very good road signs in all directions, starting from the port, Chora or the mykonos airport. The longest distance on the island is no more than 15-20 km, which means a maximum of 40 minutes by car depending on the time of year.

It is clear that the only issue that Mykonos faces in terms of getting around the island is traffic, which is sometimes particularly intense, especially during the peak of the summer season. The vehicles on the roads are mainly from rental agencies. The drivers, even those who have been driving for years, usually have no experience of driving on the Greek islands and... the mixture easily becomes explosive. Great care, concentration and, as always, calmness are required to avoid problems, big or small.

If you choose not to bring your own vehicle to Mykonos, but to rent from there, you will not have any difficulty at all as there are many agencies, which even make special offers, depending on the period and requirements. It is advisable to have taken care of the rental before your arrival on the island so as not to be faced with any unpleasant surprises as the demand in Mykonos is always high. In order to rent a car or motorbike you will need to have a valid driving licence issued at least one year earlier (or two if applicable) or an international driving licence if you are not from a European Union country. As far as the means of transport available in Mykonos is concerned, the visitor should know that there is a very good bus network on the island, with routes to many beaches, a large fleet of taxis, available at any time, as well as boats that run along the coastline of the island. In more detail:

The buses in Mykonos have three starting stations, located in Chora and departures are very frequent during the day. During the high tourist season, some routes to popular destinations run until 4am. The bus is clearly the cheapest way to get around Mykonos and is preferred by both younger and older people, as the fleet is fully refurbished and the buses are in excellent condition.

As stated on the official website of the municipality of Mykonos, the first starting point of the buses is at Agios Loukas Square in Fabrika, the second at the square behind the OTE building at the entrance of the town and the third at the old harbour, next to the dock. In detail: