Page 1

Shura - the nature of his aura changed. The cosmos of the Titan is condensing and getting more and more sharp. It’s as if it formed ... a black aura in the form of a sword.

Page 2

Shura - what an unusual posture !! What does he intend ..? Raise your sword high to pull it upright? no ... he just held the sword?

Page 3

Shura  - It's a battojutsu technique! The Way of Iai?! but his sword has already been unsheathed ... so why would he choose this form of combat ?! as agile as he may be, in this situation of right confrontation .... I am at an advantage because I am already in the position of attack. I can be much faster than him.

Page 4

Shura - he defended himself from the my blow with the sword still sheathed ?! he turns underneath !! I need to defend myself !! where he could not unsheathe his sword in time .... the blow will not be that strong!

Page 5

Shura - not this one! the destruction of the shield !!! he got me ... with protection and everything!

Page 6

Shura - damn it!! my brain was shaken vertically. This paralyzed the nerves of my arms and legs and I can not move .... it will take a few seconds until my limbs regain the ability to react to the orders of my brain .... I will not be able to avoid the next blow !! everything was calculated ... it was a strategy he set up. a combination of blows preparing the ground to deliver his secret blow. the next one will be the last one.

Page 7

Shura - but the blade of his sword I already broke ..... so what would he use as a razor ?!

Page 9

Shura - he stabbed himself. his sacred blood is being absorbed by the hilt of the sword .... the divine blood .... is turning .... into a blue blade.

Page 11

Shura - So this is the secret blow !! it mixes the cosmos that carries itself with sacred blood, forming a blade...

unsheathed body!

Kreios - I have two powers. one and the ability to absorb the blood and turn it into a blade.... the other is the unsurpassable nature of the sacred blood that only the gods possess ... the power of regeneration.

Page 12

Kreios - this is a weapon that forms from the junction of these two capacities. so I have my secret weapon ... the blue divine sword.

Page 13

Kreios - You are the first being who faced my sword head-on. even though I am a god ... for the first time in my life ... I feel a sense of respect for a human…...for you, shura.

I know you can not get up any more ... so ... I will not leave you dying waiting for death.

if the teaching of every battle is death .... I myself will give you ... an honorable death.

Page 14

Kreios - goodbye ....I  promise that your name and your power.... will be engraved in my cosmos. You will live forever with me, in the time of the gods. for all eternity.

Page 15

our god is opening the doors to a world of light. the path of hope opens, illuminated ... and guides us to the face of the earth.

Page 16

the world is freezing ... even on the way that leads us to the light .... the way of flames .... it is freezing ...

Page 18

It’s snow ....

Camus - the will to protect someone ... this feeling ... seems to exist in all beings.

Page 19

Camus - whether human or divine. Everyone seems to give their lives for it. but my function is to close the gates of the world of the dead. and prevent invasion of the planet.


the way ... was again blocked. Mom, look! the snow that accumulates on the floor .... it is spreading .....

Page 20

and filling the cracks in the ground .... as if they were cuttings stuck in the ground ..... the ice is avoiding the destruction of our planet !!

that person ... is fighting against our god ... but it is also protecting us ... not only to stop the invaders ... but to help anyone who is suffering in front of him .... this is also a duty of the golden saints.

Page 21

Shura - having someone to protect .... makes us truly strong.

Page 22

Kreios - He defended himself with his hands ?! even with his whole body paralyzed .... he observed my secret blow ...

Page 23

Kreios - Have you figured out how to beat me ?! by the time the blow struck him, he captured the impact and used it to counterattack. He is imitating the blow that I just showed to fight all the others !!!

(read chapter 55.5 for the rest)

Shura - besides paralyzed because of the destruction of shield, I was surprised by the blow at divine speed ...all I could do was defend myself. counterattack, or think. but.....

Page 24

Shura - this beautiful blue blade, colored by the power of the cosmos and of its own life ... the secret sword given by the hands of a god ..... the next time it is drawn ... I will stop it.

Kreios - I already understood your intention. but there will not be a next time .... because my sword is much faster than its movements.

You would have died before you even struck.

Shura - anyway ... I need to do it. for I have conquered my strength to protect the many. and I lean on the cosmos of many who are gone.

Page 25

Shura - I will put all these lives on the edge of this blade... I will never betray these cosmos. And now, my cosmos !!