What exactly is marketing? I'll explain!

Marketing is a business activity that seeks to meet the needs of potential customers through a series of processes that are researched, planned, executed, and monitored in order toVincent LEUNGachieve corporate objectives. It is a business practice as well as a management discipline. Marketing encompasses a wide range of activities, including market research, product development, pricing, channel selection, promotion planning, and sales management. It aims to achieve a company's business goals by creating, delivering, and providing value to meet the needs of customers.

Marketing is distinct from other business activities in several ways.

First, it focuses on the needs of the customer and meets those needs by creating value.

Second, it values customer interaction and communication to better understand their needs and expectations.

Third, it views business as a system in which suppliers, partners, competitors, and the social ring are all interconnected. As a result, marketing must take into account the entire relationship between a company and its external environment. Marketing has changed dramatically in recent years as technology has advanced and market competition has increased. Many businesses have implemented new marketing strategies and technologies such as online marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, cross-border marketing, and so on. These new marketing methods enable businesses to reach customers more quickly and effectively, as well as better meet their needs. Marketing has become an important factor in the success of business operations in today's business environment. It not only assists businesses in understanding their customers' needs, but it also encourages interaction and communication between businesses and their customers, thereby increasing their competitiveness and effectiveness. Conclusion Finally, marketing is a business activity that focuses on the needs of customers as well as the relationship between a company and its external environment. It can assist businesses in better meeting customer needs while meeting corporate objectives. Marketing is a critical factor in a company's success in today's highly competitive business environment. It is a business practice as well as a management discipline that necessitates professional study, learning, and practice.

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Marketing work is oriented toward the future of the market, in order for the enterprise to constantly find new growth points.