What Is Strata And Why Do You Need a Strata Lawyer? 

With the rise in increasing properties and real estate in Australia, there are so many Australians who are moving to a strata scheme. And, in this article, you will get insight on what into means to live in a strata property.


Firstly, let us understand what is Strata?

In simple terms, strata mean ‘to layer.’ It refers to living spaces that are stacked on top of one another. There can be various families and couples living in the same block or unit. Strata management has been around for years and understanding the concept becomes much easier when you hire a strata title lawyer in Sydney.

Living in strata has certain rules which are why a lawyer can help you understand these rules and certain complex laws so that you don’t get into any trouble ever. Many owners do not seek out any legal assistance until they are really into trouble. This does not give them the chance to avoid the problem with the help of strata specialist lawyers before things take a toll.

Why do you need a strata lawyer?

If you are a property developer it is very difficult to build a strata complex. There are various special rules that you need to obey. This is when a strata lawyer can be at your rescue if any legal complications arise.

A lawyer can help you even if you are unsure of how you can lodge an application for the registration of the strata scheme. A strata lawyer can assist you in understanding or obtaining the latest by-laws for your scheme, whether it is commercial, residential or industrial. Additionally, a lawyer can provide legal advice as to your rights and responsibilities, and what is involved in handling certain disputes.