Software Engineering in the Cloud

The professional needs to develop a more holistic view of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It is not enough to know how to create it, it is important to understand the business model, a skill that the professional will need to develop.


Creating apps
The mobility will remain a major challenge for the field of Information Technology. Although much has already been done, there is still much to do, because this is a path of no return.


Return on investments in technology
Like any area within a company, technology is charged for profitability . So, when an organization bets on a project, it is important to plan the indicators by which the results will be analyzed. It is not enough to know programming, it is also important to master aspects of the business as a whole.

Computer engineering is also a term that can be used to describe a person who has a background in electrical engineering. 

If you are still not convinced that this is an extremely promising and exciting area, we have an article that deserves your attention, with 3 reasons to start the specialization in Software Engineering. It is also worth checking the structure of the Post-Graduate course at the Catholic University of Brasilia, with a proposal that is very much in line with the main demands of the market. This is the first step for you to be a coveted professional. Have you ever thought about it?