Key points to keep in mind before buying an off-grid solar energy land


Figuring to purchase the perfect off-grid land for your home is something that most people who want to live sustainably are keen to know as it is a very tedious job. Across the globe there are million acres of land that can live your off-grid dream. But finding land that is ideal for living off-grid with solar energy can be challenging. So, before you buy and build your homestead, understand the few basic information that can prove to be extremely valuable and save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Purchasing a land is probably the biggest things any individual will ever make in their life. As a result, it is a must to know few basics that will guide you to choose the best possible plot for you’re off grid cabin. Here are few important things to have a look while purchasing an off-grid solar energy land

Check Country Planning and Zoning Ordinances

In most countries, both a minimum building and dwelling size in square feet is required or camping on your land for extended periods of time is prohibited. So if you are looking for an off-grid solar energy land, avoid buying a parcel of property that is overly restrictive zoning ordinances. As a result, figure out the minimum required square footage for your home or cabin. Well, talking about camping on your land, some countries allow but for a shorter time period, only if the house that is built meets their rules.

Avoid buying land with restrictive covenants or restrictions

Lands or property that have limitations are the rules framed by the land developers, to protect it from development that is not in line with the original subdivision. For an off-grid living, most of the agreements pose a lot of problems like the structure and type of buildings as well as the minimum size of the buildings. Moreover, few contracts restrict you from building a small cabin, growing a garden and most of all raising livestock. Therefore, purchase land or property where the covenants permit you to do what you want with your area or else avoid buying land with bonds.

Remote properties are better for off-grid solar energy

Off-grid solar energy is very much preferred in the remote area, and so if you are comfortable with the lifestyle change then opt for remote properties. There are many advantages to purchasing a secluded estate. First and foremost, there is no restriction of zoning and building a home, protects against a political or financial collapse of society, get more natural resources and building materials. Lastly, it is cost effective and long-term affordable.

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