How to fix Amazon Prime not working on Roku?

You have activated your Prime video subscription and entered the Amazon.com/code correctly but still, you are facing issues while streaming Amazon Prime on your Roku device. Well, there could be countless reasons why this is happening with you even if you have set it up on your device correctly.

Core reasons why Amazon Prime is not working on Roku

Among several other reasons, the main reasons why this is happening with you are listed right below:

  • The Roku device you are using is not getting a high-speed internet connection
  • You have enabled a VPN service on your device
  • There is some problem with the settings of your Roku
  • The amazon app available on your device is outdated
  • You have entered the amazon.com/code incorrectly
  • Your device's firmware is outdated
  • You have logged in to an incorrect Amazon account

These were a few probable reasons why your Venmo account is not working. Make sure to check out this list and see if any of the above things are happening with you too. To find out the related solutions to your answer, use the methods given below.

Ways to fix the issue                                    

Follow the tips given below to get rid of this issue immediately:

  • Check the connection

Provide a stable internet connection to your device and make sure you have connected to the correct network or not. This is a must for accessing Prime services on any device.

  • Disable any VPNs

If you are using any VPN services on your device, then you should disable it immediately as Amazon does not support any VPN services. Making sure that you do not use any VPN service is necessary if you wish to get rid of the issue.

  • Restart your device

You can also try to restart your device and see if it helps in getting rid of the issue. This helps in fixing some of the minor issues with your device and can help you with that too.


The last thing you can check is that you have entered the amazon.com/code correctly or not. If not, then regenerate the code and then try to activate your subscription once again. In case you have tried doing everything on your part, then you must check out this article and learn how to troubleshoot this issue.