Chapter 80
Page 1
Teneo - Did you say that the sanctuary that we are rebuilding is sealed in a temporary prison? And all because of your selfishness? I'm not going to let you pass-
Mephistopheles - Ah, you're going to let me do everything I want! Because .... after all, I am a god .....
Page 3
Mephistopheles - Well, now I have to go and say hello to a person I know very well. My beloved son, tenma
Page 4
Dohko - Libra Cloth is in resonance .... and I feel something coming from a distant space-time .... I think they are very familiar Cosmos to me …
Page 5
Dohko - shion What is going on in the sanctuary? Can my voice reach you?
Shion - Yes. I hear it, dohko. The Cloth also began to resonate here.
Page 6
Shion - They are also feeling .... the cosmos of the two ... the last time we felt them ....
Dohko - yes, in the decisive combat of the holy war.
Shion - both are so familiar!
Dohko - Yes ... I also hoped ... that they would have survived .....
Page 7
Dohko - We did not know what had happened to them, but .... now, the goddess athena and tenma are trying to return to the sanctuary !!
Page 8
Dohko - Tenma told me that we would meet again on earth and disappeared as if he was going to die. I hoped those three could lead a quiet life, had they survived.
Shion - Yes. They suffered greatly, and lost so much in this holy war ..... but everything is clear, now .... I understand why this demon decided to come to the Sanctuary right now
Page 9
Dohko - What do you mean?!
Shion - The fact that I knew many Cloth allowed me to know his story. He was cast out of heaven. He’s a half-human, half-god wandering the earth. He devised a plan to avenge himself against chronos, who was responsible for banishing him. And being the father of the tenma was nothing but a way to accomplish his plan! To manipulate him according to your wishes and to make a deicide in the sky, creating chaos!
Dohko - But what…
Page 10
Shion - He does not want to lead a holy war, like Hades or the Giants. He wants a conflict in great proportions between zeus and chronos, involving the sky as well. And if such a thing happens ....the earth would probably be destroyed.
Dohko - Shion!
Page 11
Shion - It's okay, dohko. Do not move! Remember your duty!
Dohko - How can I do nothing? This man wants to play with the earth, the sky and the destiny of tenma!
Shion - I know it's unforgivable. But you have your own mission. And it is my duty to protect the sanctuary and pegasus.
Page 12
Shion - I will protect the future of destruction ..... just as I did in the holy war!
Dohko- shion’s cosmo disappeared ....
Page 14
Teneo - My ... Cloth is resonating ... a familiar cosmos approaching ... could it be ...
Page 15
Mephistopheles - boy! Better not look the other way!I told you I can not stop my date with my little tenma.
Teneo - shut up! I will not let you profane the name of tenma with your dirty mouth! You want to use tenma to provoke massacres in the sky? Don’t you understand how many deaths were caused in this holy war, and why we torment ourselves?
Page 16
Teneo - I ..... I will not let you make us suffer anymore!
Mephistopheles - This is serious! You say interesting nonsense! Humans are born and die as insects, no? All the anguish? And all the suffering?
Page 17
Mephistopheles - Unfortunately, tenma does not see how this is fun! Why should I worry about that?
Teneo - Is this the logic of a god?
Page 18
Mephistopheles - oh! What a shame! It's not good to fight with me, I can stay in this prison of time without even warming my head! Oh, I know! Send the corpse of Athena from above! I just need tenma for this!
Teneo - I will not let you escape.
Mephistopheles - there is?
Page 19
Teneo- Pleiades Nova!
Mephistopheles - Gyaah! This is the technique he launched earlier? Spheres of light ... it’s stardust revolution?
Teneo - No, it's a technique I've created based on the teachings of Master Shion! These seven stars are accompanied by lightning, divided in the air according to my will.
Page 20
Teneo - I will not allow a god like you to go unpunished! never! I will defeat you here and now!
Page 21
Mephistopheles - It's not a bad technique, but ..... do you really think it's enough? He? What…
Page 22
Teneo - Titan's New!
Mephistopheles - Are you a demon or what?
Page 23
Teneo - I…. got him? My anger is not gone yet ... this is the arrogance of a god? Don’t human lives mean anything to him?
Page 24
Teneo - No ... I have to recover my posture. My opponent is a god. I need to fight to protect the sanctuary and everyone who is here .....
Page 25
Teneo - What?! Is this?
Page 26
Mephistopheles - Are you feeling better now? I'm right here, unprotected .... could end up with me quietly. but I knew .... I do not like serious people like you, so restricted that they look more like books. after all.....
Page 27
Teneo - He’s not….
Mephistopheles - It's very easy to play with you!
Page 28
Teneo - You coward!
Mephistopheles -You can stand in front if you want!
Page 29
Mephistopheles - That kind of thing is a curse for very serious kids like you! These kids are the future of the sanctuary, and they're in your responsibility, right? You did well to make a promise to Aldebaran... did you not? So ... protect them!
Page 30
Mephistopheles - Hei! I think it's over.
Page 32
Teneo - I'm not going to let ... a god do what gives him pleasure. What happened on that day ... will not happen again!
Page 33
Teneo - This sanctuary is our inheritance .... by Pope Shion, the Tenma, and all others, This is the only place in which a god like you could be detained. It’s the place where you have ..... and all the others can come back. You're not going to ... destroy ....
Page 34
Mephistopheles - I do not believe it. It's amazing that he's still awake. Wow! And very determined! I really want to kill you! However, it's much more fun to divert the life intentions of kids like you! What will happen if I pour a drop of darkness into you and send you to shion?
Page 35
Mephistopheles - Can you imagine that! What? What light is this? My body is fading!
Page 36
Shion - Teneo ....
Teneo - Pope Shion!
Shion - Please forgive the delay. You did well to delay this demon.
Teneo - No, I'm still incompetent. And thanks to that, you had to intervene in person.
Shion - Do not worry. I'll take care of this demon. Now leave it all to me.
Page 37
Shion - I will protect the sanctuary!
Page 39
Mephistopheles - Wow! Hahahaha. Did you use the Starlight Extinction to teleport me and protect the little teneo? And to the altar of Athena, what a great feast of welcome! Is this not a wonderful scene to start the moment of your death?
Page 40
Shion - You got it wrong, Kairos. I brought you here to welcome athena e Tenma.
Page 41
Shion - You stepped into many destinations. And you still moved the threads of holy war. You’re the only person we can not let go. It's time to pay for your crimes.
Mephistopheles - Really? A human like you will do this? Do you think you can judge a god like me?
Shion - No, I will not judge you.
Page 42
Shion - the goddess athena and tenma will be responsible for judging you. I just set the stage.