Tree Felling North London - Tree Felling Hertfordshire

Tree Felling North London: Are you looking for a tree felling service? KW Tree Care provides tree felling in North London. The approach we take would include getting access to your garden.

Professional Tree Felling in North London and Hedge Cutting Services in Hertfordshire

Straight Fell

This technique is the traditional ‘lumber jack’ type of tree felling, one which is most commonly seen on tv and in the movies! The tree is prepared by stripping off low branches and clearing the landing zone of hazards and people. After this, tree felling is performed in one go, where it is then processed for removal and disposal. This tree felling technique is most appropriate for use in large open spaces where there is nothing to damage, for example, a very large garden or field. This method would not be appropriate in a suburban garden. Tree felling in North London as well as tree felling in Hertfordshire can be a bit tricky for this reason, owing to the compact nature of many neighbourhoods around the area where there typically isn’t much space to accommodate falling trees.


Once the drop zone is secured and cleared of any potential hazards, the climber will enter the tree. He will then cut the branches to a safe size to drop. After the crown of the tree has been removed, leaving the trunk remaining, the climber will work his way from the top of the tree, cutting off appropriately sized sections. This method of tree felling North London is used all the way down to ground level, and is both effective and more appropriate in this situation.

Dismantle with rigging

This technique is very similar to the dismantling tree felling North London method with the addition of rigging. Rigging involves the use of multiple ropes, pulleys and other devices to control the way the branches and logs reach the ground. Although time consuming, this allows us to perform tree felling with minimal impact to the tree’s surroundings (flower beds, turf etc) and without damage to structures (houses, fences, sheds etc). These techniques paired with our specialist equipment mean that no trees are beyond our capability.

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