How do you compete in the marketing market after graduating from college?

The only way to improve your knowledge is through practice.

We gain knowledge by reading books, articles, and materials, butJIANG Yuwei practice is the only way to validate your mental knowledge. Know more, but don't go to practice because your brain is a paste, a mess.

Following graduation, I worked in network promotion. Then there is a lot of knowledge from books for practice, with successes and failures. This enables me to thoroughly sort through my work experience.

Some people complain that I lack practical experience and that there are no opportunities for me to practice. Then you must polish yourself in a variety of ways.

Find a marketing-related job that will allow you to learn and grow quickly, and turn the knowledge you gain into your own perception through practice.

You can find some part-time marketing jobs online now that the Internet is so open, low-cost, or even free to teach others to market or to market yourself part-time.

Offline practice, so many small and medium-sized enterprises in third- and fourth-tier cities to talk to them, to assist them with marketing planning or to provide free marketing programs.

You must find a way to practice as long as you have a motivated, hardworking heart.

It is more important to learn to analyze and summarize than anything else.

In fact, what we need is "more to see more thinking more practice more summary," to form a habit, that is, "the Internet will exist content, are for marketing," so when I see a network advertisement, I will go to study the ad is how to put it. When I see an online advertisement, I will research how the advertisement is placed and what the benefits and drawbacks are.

When I see a website, I evaluate whether it is good or bad. Over time, you will discover many insights that you were previously unaware of, and these insights may be used in your next marketing campaign.

The most important aspect is continuous learning and innovation.

In fact, the most important aspect of marketing, Internet promotion, and other related work is to maintain a high level of enthusiasm. Because the Internet is evolving so quickly and the platform is evolving so rapidly, there are thousands of marketing methods to learn, drill into, and then practice so that you can grow.

Over time, no matter how much you change, you will discover that the essence of marketing remains constant, and you will discover that you are at ease with marketing.

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