"Mythical Dragon City" Tips and Breeding Guide

Mythical beast City is a Facebook Pokémon-like social game that permits players to fabricate territories, breed winged serpents and set them in opposition to different monsters in a fight field. There are numerous components like Pokémon, including engaging against different types of mythical beasts. The social game is really a stripped-down rendition of the first game and has entirely straightforward ongoing interaction components to make it simple for easygoing gamers everything being equal.

There are a lot of things to learn before you light joining those fire-breathing animals and release them against your Facebook adversaries. There are two kinds of monetary forms—the standard gold that can be earned by doing basic undertakings and diamonds, which are hard to win and expect players to go through money to acquire them. This guide gives helpful hints on the cash framework, mythical serpent qualities and shortcomings, just as reproducing


Fight Guide: Strengths and Weakness

Right now, monster is administered by a component. Each essential mythical beast has its own qualities and shortcomings. At the point when you gather or breed mythical beasts take a note of the component related with it. The table beneath features the qualities and shortcoming of each natural fire-breathing beast:


Tips To Get Free Gems

One of the most significant monetary standards in Dragon City is jewels. Other than being utilized to stimulate the tedious egg-incubating process, jewels are utilized for overhauling the incubator and the blend tree. While you can buy them with genuine cash, there are different approaches to get them. Here are a few hints to get diamonds free:

• You get one free pearl each time you level-up.

• You additionally get an opportunity to acquire jewels as remunerations on the off chance that you sign in every day. Ensure you sign in to the game each day. This builds the odds of procuring pearls. The more standard you are, the greater the prizes and more are the odds of getting pearls. The Daily Bonus rewards 3 Gems in the fifth day in the event that you sign into the game for 5 successive days.

• Don't miss the Monday rewards. It is another approach to get pearls free. It is a reward that gives arbitrary endowments to you. There are high odds of succeeding at least five jewels on the off chance that you enter the draw.

• The commonest method for winning free jewels is to finished certain assignments, for example, filling overviews, shopping, and so forth. The engineers have collaborated with some installment suppliers, who expect players to pursue their administrations and get free jewels. Aside from finishing free studies, don't succumb to recruits that require genuine money as it includes genuine cash thus this is anything but a free method to procure jewels.

• Battling against rival Dragon proprietors is likewise another definite shot approach to gain diamonds. Some key World Leagues reward effective players with jewels. Take part in Dragon Battles to win more odds of getting free knickknacks.

• Always partake in advancements and extraordinary occasions directed by the game designers. This is another approach to procure some additional pearl. Advancements and uncommon occasions are uncommon, so don't pass up on this chance.

• Completing certain objectives that give jewels as remunerations is an extraordinary method to procure them for nothing. One of the objectives that give pearl is reproducing monsters.

• Collect beasts and complete the Book of Dragons to procure diamonds. The diamond income depend on the assortment type. For instance, gathering every single Legendary Dragon will procure you five jewels



Winged serpent reproducing can start just when you have three basic mythical beasts. From the outset you should fabricate earth, fire and water natural surroundings – three essential living spaces to bring forth three fundamental basic monsters – Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon and Water Dragon.

With these fundamental Dragons, you would then be able to breed more mythical serpents by building a Breeding mountain (Click the Build button>Buildings>Breeding Mountain). Here's a Smart Table that effectively clarifies mythical beast reproducing blends and the outcome


Questions or Suggestions Welcome

Expectation these tips, insights and valuable tables will assist you with reproducing more mythical serpents and make progress in fights against rival winged serpents. In the event that you have any recommendations to improve this guide or inquiry, at that point don't hesitate to inquire. My perusers or I will love to answer them and I will make a few enhancements and include more tips, if necessary

Huge numbers of the reproducing remarks composed before the July 2013 "redesign" give off an impression of being presently wrong. I was fortunate that I got a precious stone mythical beast just before the change over, and however now level 61, have never got any of the unbelievable monsters utilizing any of the reproducing educate on any regarding the gatherings.

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A Guide To Dragon City At Any Age

So in the event that somebody has prompt that is after July 2013 that portrays which winged serpents to breed to get either unbelievable or unadulterated mythical beasts, if it's not too much trouble share. So far the purported self named specialists have concocted zero rearing equations that really work.

Having perused the disappointment of such a significant number of other ineffective reproducing endeavors I have most likely that rearing prompt that really produce positive outcomes inside state ten attempts (my normal before I surrender) would become something of a society saint among mythical beast city players. On the off chance that there truly is a substantial method for reproducing these rarer dragons..... demonstrate it!