What are the Features of AOL mail.com in detail?

What are the Features of AOL mail.com in detail?

AOL mail is an online-based email-sending platform enabling users to send free mail. It was founded in 1993 by American Online and Delphi. They merged their email platforms. According to the survey, there were 9 million AOL subscribers in October 1997. During that period, it was considered the world’s biggest email service provider. As time passed they introduced many new updates in the AOL mail. 

In 1997 AOL introduced a new email service but it was noticed that it worked only with internet explorer which caused problems for many. Then in January 2001, a text message feature was introduced which was used to alert the owners that they have received an email along with the introduction of pagers. After that in the year 2006, AOL becomes entirely free for broadband users. It was so that AOL could play against other email-sending platforms like Yahoo etc. 

Then after 4 years in November 2010, AOL announced that users can now have 5 email accounts. With the introduction of all these features its subscribers increased at a fast speed in July 2014, its subscribers reached up to 24 million. 

But then as other emailing platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail gained more and more popularity people started to use other platforms. Hence, as of now, there are only 1.5 million subscribers present.

In this blog, we will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the features of AOL mail.com (aol.com mail login).

AOL Mail features

Given below is the list of features that AOL Mail provides to its users.

  • Storage Facility

www.mail.aol.com has provided an unlimited amount of storage space for its users. Nowadays email platforms provide limited storage space of up to 15 GB only. This means that users have to delete some of their emails to maintain storage space. Sometimes if in a hurry we might delete our important emails without paying much attention.

  • Attachment Size

We can attach a file of a maximum of 25MB while sending an email which is far more than other email platforms. 

  • Sorting of Emails

You should try to use this filter it will save you a lot of time. www.mail.aol.com will automatically sort out all your emails present in your inbox into labels accordingly.

  • Graphic Library

This is a feature that has not been provided by any other email service provider. AOL had introduced a graphic library. It allows its users to send graphics to each other. 

  • Email Themes

If you also get bored with looking at the same interface of your account, then you can change your theme from your settings option.

  • Downloading Option

There are two most popular email protocols known as POP and IMAP which allows the receiver to download some important emails to their mobile phones for safekeeping. Then you can access those emails offline also. 

  • Text Messages

www.mail.aol.com enables users to send text messages directly from their email accounts. There is no need to open the texting application and then send any message. This was one of the most time-saving features. 

  • Filter out the Junk

A person receives many emails in a day but is not able to read each one of them. And of those emails, most of them are spam. So. AOL automatically filters out Spam and Junk emails and stores them in their respective folders.


After logging in to your AOL email account through www.mail.aol.com you will be able to use the features which are mentioned above. In 2017 AOL was acquired by Verizon and it announced that the services of Verizon will be discontinued and all its users will have to migrate to AOL.