Ace of Aces (Europe)
Ace of Aces (USA)
Alien Brigade (Europe)
Alien Brigade (USA)
Asteroids (USA)
Ballblazer (Europe)
Ballblazer (USA)
Barnyard Blaster (Europe)
Barnyard Blaster (USA)
Baseball (Europe)
Basketbrawl (Europe)
Basketbrawl (USA)
Centipede (Europe)
Centipede (USA)
Choplifter! (Europe)
Choplifter! (USA)
Commando (Europe)
Commando (USA)
Crack'ed (Europe)
Crack'ed (USA)
Crossbow (Europe)
Crossbow (USA)
Dark Chambers (Europe)
Dark Chambers (USA)
Desert Falcon (Europe)
Desert Falcon (USA)
Dig Dug (Europe)
Dig Dug (USA)
Donkey Kong (Europe)
Donkey Kong (USA)
Donkey Kong Junior (Europe)
Donkey Kong Junior (USA)
Double Dragon (Europe)
Double Dragon (USA)
F-18 Hornet (Europe)
F-18 Hornet (USA)
Fatal Run (Europe)
Fatal Run (USA)
Fight Night (Europe)
Fight Night (USA)
Food Fight (Europe)
Food Fight (USA)
Galaga (Europe)
Galaga (USA)
Hat Trick (Europe)
Hat Trick (USA)
Ikari Warriors (Europe)
Ikari Warriors (USA)
Impossible Mission (Europe)
Impossible Mission (USA)
Jinks (Europe)
Jinks (USA)
Joust (Europe)
Joust (USA)
Karateka (Europe)
Karateka (USA)
Klax (USA) (Proto)
Kung-Fu Master (Europe)
Kung-Fu Master (USA)
Mario Bros. (Europe)
Mario Bros. (USA)
Mat Mania Challenge (Europe)
Mat Mania Challenge (USA)
Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (Europe)
Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (USA)
Meltdown (Europe)
Meltdown (USA)
Midnight Mutants (Europe)
Midnight Mutants (USA)
Missing In Action (Unknown) (Proto)
Motor Psycho (Europe)
Motor Psycho (USA)
Ms. Pac-Man (Europe)
Ms. Pac-Man (USA)
Ninja Golf (Europe)
Ninja Golf (USA)
One-on-One Basketball (Europe)
One-on-One Basketball (USA)
Pete Rose Baseball (USA)
Pit Fighter (Unknown) (Proto)
Planet Smashers (Europe)
Planet Smashers (USA)
Plutos (Unknown) (Proto)
Pole Position II (Europe)
Pole Position II (USA)
Rampage (USA)
Rampart (Unknown) (Proto)
RealSports Baseball (USA)
Rescue on Fractalus (USA) (Proto)
Robotron - 2084 (USA)
Scrapyard Dog (Europe)
Scrapyard Dog (USA)
Sentinel (Europe)
Sentinel (USA) (Proto)
Sirius (Unknown) (Proto)
Summer Games (USA)
Super Huey UH-IX (Europe)
Super Huey UH-IX (USA)
Super Skateboardin' (Europe)
Super Skateboardin' (USA)
Tank Command (USA)
Title Match Pro Wrestling (Europe)
Title Match Pro Wrestling (USA)
Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (Europe)
Tomcat - The F-14 Fighter Simulator (USA)
Touchdown Football (USA)
Tower Toppler (Europe)
Tower Toppler (USA)
Water Ski (USA)
Winter Games (USA)
Xenophobe (Europe)
Xenophobe (USA)
Xevious (Europe)
Xevious (USA)