Psienergy PDF overview

PDF HERE: https://www.slideshare.net/slideshows/exploring-biophotons-and-bioelectromagnetics-in-the-human-biofield-and-secret-access-projects-to-access-the-human-biofield/266078851


good morning. or god morning. there have been multiple folks who are coming to the channel
and as always we have folks that come and go because they gain the information. potentially

they download the synergy PDF which is full of documentation from our National Institute of
Health, the National Institute of Science and Technology.

The World Health Organization,
Bio-electoral Magnetic Algorithms,

Google scholar references.

and there's literally only one page in which I tell you that you're going to have to believe in
electronic warfare and you're going to have to deal with the fact that we use wide body area networks

and that would be BAN right here past the nano. the 6G low pan is right there your personal area
network and as you can see by the circles the 6G low pan encompasses the ban which is your body.

and see nobody believe this they didn't know what was going on and I said did they tell you
they built the stealth bomber did they ask your permission no and why is that let's see applied

research and development that's secret oh we don't
have that as a matter of not just strategy but

actual industry oh no no when we're doing an
advanced research project we just tell everybody and

Let me ask you permission first. Hang on, let me look through history. Let me see if I can
find that. Anywhere, by corporation, government, people competing for things in academia. Oh,

okay. So that means that DARPA will go ahead and do stuff and then let us know later. Just like
a corporation, just like academia. Oh, okay. Here we are again. So there's your in-tra ban.

And then you're in-ter ban talking to other computers, equipment, people. And then it becomes, yeah,
but only in the hospital. That were the case. The tech wouldn't have worked in the first fucking

place and the way that it needs to at the industrial level. And then here's your industrial
internet of things. And this is your quantum steering with bio-photonics. Sensors, gig architecture.

So when we get to the point that we have to show people pictures like toddlers, because if I don't show
you a picture book, then you don't understand. Because you choose not to read. Then.

Well, could you change your tone of voice and could you put makeup on and could you do your hair and could you say it
nicely? Sure. No problem.

This is the international standards for electrical
and electronics engineers. That's what the

That's what the IEEE stands for. It says right there, IEEE standards. Right? Yeah. And
association. And inside right there, IEEE is wrong with you.

It's just maybe it looks really hazy.

The IEEE. And I said Zigbee and Bluetooth
802.15.4 are the biosensors themselves.

Right, their.


Okay. And then you tell me, oh, but it's only in the hospital. So I take you right here. Sensor nodes,
communication link. There's the ultra wide band. And here's the radio frequency sink and by number and the

link. That's not enough. Because you're still telling
me that they're only looking inside of you. They're not

actually using human body communication through human
tissue. And that they're certainly having it secured.

and you know, nobody else can see you. And I said, no,
that's not how the engineering works. That's not how

the routing works in between the bodies or the machines
or the AI. That's not how the machine learning works.

That's not how the algorithm's working.
That's not how the smart grid works.

So here we have hybrid IEEE
802.15.6, which is the body itself.

Body area network. There it is.
Here's where you can go read about it.

Okay. Excuse me.


What is a body area network? What does it do? What can we do with

Every single thing that you read right here. Vital signs, distributed assistant,

or excuse me, disability assistance, muscle tension monitor, respiration, monitoring,
speech disability, et cetera, since 1995 for testing. And FCC mandated medical body

area network meeting when you're in the hospital since when? 2-0-1-4. Then, I tell you
it's wireless drugging, AI precision healthcare, nanothera-nostics, and electro-suticals,

well, without being able to look at the photons inside of your body, non-invasively,
we don't have that capacity to execute those services for the IEEE of life sciences.

Those are your electronics and electrical engineers inside your body parts with something called
biophysics. Biological physics. Now, when we do a physics, shear stress, temperature, and mechanical motion.

Yeah, inside your cell structure at the nanolevel.

The millimeter level.

Like they've been practicing
back in Vietnam.


Right. So, here's your national institute of health. What we say here on the channel.

about this page. It's from 2007. There. Biophotonic tools and cell and tissue diagnostics.
wirelessly. Oh, they don't really pay 45 grand for a toilet seat. No, they do not. But

instead, they have different types of optical coherence tomography. And here's where in the
same article, we talk about changing your DNA in multiple ways. On and with radio frequency,

narrow band. There's your
medical implant communication

system and the new
human body communication.

Next page!


human body communication at the physical
computer network layer with our brand new claritons, and plasmatrons.

this is your terahertz nano
resurfacing at one atom thick with the graphene and then the light the photons

coming in and out of you as well as the ones around you

in that industrial internet of
things ubiquitous pervasive

ambient computing, for example. In other words, a body area network can set it off. You could be breathing it in.

We have different vectors that we use on your skin. And that's not just a wearable thing. No, no, it's the biosensors that in you

by DNA analyte derivatives. Different types of cells. And then the biosensors create themselves from there.
Excuse me. So, then, if we don't like what's in you, we resurface your cellular structure. One atom thick with the graphene.

Welcome to the internet of nano things, the internet of bodies.

And just to make sure, because too
many people don't know about..

Thanks to its ability to support surface plasma and polaritins,

waves in the terrahertz band. Biological to digital and digital to biological means that we can
make a biological change.

Welcome to your terrahertz band. That changes
physical cells in the body. Electrically.

Because your body is electrical.


And we, that polariton
change. We were learning about this last night at the university

with plasmonics. And I took everybody to a video in the Odyssey and
I'm like, oh, look, we can change the electromagnetism. No problem.

Bioelectromagnetics. That's for algorithms.

Oh, the body electric. Tufts University.

Dr. Michael Irvin. Synthetic Biology.

Regenerative Medicine. Biomedical Engineering.


Biological to digital. Then, the twin digital
computing. Yeah, we got a digital copy of you.

Make a change. Your smart crew will get it done. And if it
doesn't, we can send a drone or another body in your house.

Or your dog and bounce the signal back and
forth. And this is where everybody goes, oh, No

That's crazy. And then I have to sit
here day in and day out, reading to people.

Because they are too lazy to
read. And they need pictures.


So here's a picture of the
same professor in 2018.

More IEEE electronics and electrical
engineers inside of, well, who's that?

Wireless tissue engineering,
biomedical engineering.


What are you looking at? Computer
networking through the human body.

Okay. Now you're going
to tell me, well, but they

can't read my thoughts.

The neuronal loop is closed.

That synthetic telepathy for a
long time. It has market share.

So for those of you that are still confused
about that, just Google synthetic telepathy.

And Google it on the
YouTube. Oh, wow.

Look at all those products.

Yeah. Okay. So how did they do it?

Well, they took a pseudoscience because
it was never pseudoscience. They hid it.

Plasmonics, cymatics, the
power of sound. And kinetics.

Well, kinetics kinetics. We already
had sources of our circulatory system.

More places on the body
where the veins and arteries cross

more densely, just like
when you go drive on the road.


And where the roads are all

coming into the town in the same

place, like over your heart,
different parts of your neck.

Yeah. This hasn't changed in
6,000 years. And we use this

telemetry of the human circulatory
system in electronic warfare.

And then I hear, yeah, but we only use
electronic warfare on planes and ships.

It's called jamming.
Synthetic telepathy has market share.

You can't really be that small minded.
Well, maybe.


So we told people that
the chakras were fo-fo,

not real, just like we
told people the electrical

body part that's responsible
for 80% of your immune

system and all cellular
electrical homeostasis.

Yeah, we just told you it didn't exist.
When in truth, the body generates

photons and as the wave goes out
on the DNA, the amplitude changes.


And that's where the four subtle
layers of the body for therapeutic

touch and those energy modalities
come from. They can feel it.

Well, in biophotonics back to the IEEE
again, they measure it and they steer it.

Quantum steering. Have
fun with that, Google fingers.


So this is the synergy PDF and

at the end of it, I put in a couple pages
as did another lady at biofield practice.

A lot of people on the channel right now,
they're real tired of hearing about the

technical. They want to hear about the
psionic abilities in the biofield practice.

And for me, I'm really tired of grown adults
getting more wrapped up in the tone of my

voice, what I'm wearing,
then downloading the

PDF, going to their
nearest network technician,

get lied to right in their face, and then
turn and look at it and go, well, if they

get to go to work and work with it every
day, tell me to my face, it doesn't exist.

And that chick is saying that
she's 44 years old and they still get

away with electronic torture
with her and all these other people.

But I'm going to go cry for the kids some


Oh yeah, we're going to do something.

What about those homeless veterans
that they tested all this dark, but not

invasive N2, N3, N4, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

No, no, we got a lawsuit for that. Yeah,
the same people that when the synergists

went to the YouTube and tried to type in
802.15.6, their comments were deleted.

You're just hearing
about that lawsuit.

Now, I posted a link.
I've had it since January.


Anybody want to talk about anything real?
No, except here on my channel.

In regards to biofilm practice

the prepping, the weather
warfare, the economics.


Oh, people are on the same
page as I am because they read.

And then my favorite,
your black pilling. Nope!

I'm reading a college
textbook and I'm taking people

to plasmonics and
nanotechnology courses from

11 years ago at the
University of Illinois.

 And then I read, but I don't
like your tone of voice.

I don't like your immature strategy,
your immature emotional capacitance.

You're not an adult.
Your children are going to school for this.

It's emergent technology, smart city,
agenda 2030, synthetic biology, biomedical

engineering, precision AI health
care, nanotheronostics, electraceuticals.

Where are you?


Still sitting there whining
about how it's too tough to

handle and that my tone
of voice just isn't sufficient.

Get the fuck out of here. I don't
want people like you on this channel.

This is my final opinion of
this. I can't continue to even give

quarter to this kind of attitude
from people over the age 20.

Why? My children are 18 and 19.

Your fucking attitude,

I'm just going to sit here.

I'm just gonna sit here

Someone else is
going to take care of it.

Yeah, that's what got
us all in this position.

So fuck you, go and synergist.

Anybody who tells you, oh,
she's too angry, etc. Let it go.

They're moving across the board,
every vector, economy, food, etc.

You need people
around you who can listen

through to whatever
it is they need to know.

Anybody who's still acting.

Mocking screams

That is not what we want standing
next to us when shit gets real.

And it already is, but we should be
practicing biofield in inference, etc.

Can't do that with those crazy
fuckers. They screw everything up.

they I'm so distracted, squirrel.

Oh gosh, I just don't know
what to do. That's because

you haven't been in
enough pain in your life yet.

Bye. Go have fun with the pain.