God’s Word – Junkyard Preacher

Reverend Barclay the Junkyard Preacher

In 1944 when Reverend Elsworth Barclay came to America from Jamaica looking to spread God’s word. Certainly, no one could have guessed how he would change the Star Auto Junkyard forever. The story of this everyday hero is unbelievable…the greatest story NEVER told. The “Rev” was a minister who lived and breathed God’s message.

Spreads God’s word

One day when the “Rev” the Junkyard Preacher went to Star Auto Junk Yard at 61st and State Street in Chicago the owner asked him if he would come and give a church service to his employees because they must work on Sundays. As a result, he accepted. At 9:30 AM in the worst of weather, he would show and would give an inspiring message from his heart. Certainly, creating peace.

Building an unlikely place of worship to preach God’s word

With antiquated supplies, helpers came and helped set up. For example, they brought in tattered hymnals and discarded chairs. His message, “I believe God, not I believe IN God.” All say that his message was from the heart. He says that there are 66 books in the Bible. SO…Highway 66, one’s road map to God. In other words, the 66 books are one’s guide to live.

Furthermore, One Man who relayed that he had not attended church in 20 years, but since he started attending The Star Auto Junk Yard service, he has not missed one after hearing reverend Barclay’s bring God’s word.

Junkyard Preacher…

Lastly, in this junkyard with old cars, twisted metal, hand-painted signs, and yes, a junkyard dog, he preached God’s word in his outdoor world to create peace. Church is not a building but what made him unique is that his ministry was outside. Most noteworthy, it is a great inspiring story of an everyday hero never told.

Video Production: Rocko Productions
Review Written By: M. Cardinal
Date Written: Mar 24th, 2020
Your Everyday Hero: Reverend Barclay the Junkyard Preacher