Chapter 84
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Saga - The divine plan is in progress. It all happened when the golden dagger was struck against the goddess Athena .... just as the past time can not be brought back .... the plot of the gods advances without stopping, like running water....
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Saga - However, this plan was not created by Cronus... just as the hand of a clock does not turn counterclockwise, the running water can not be stopped either ... now, the destiny becomes a dark current, forming a whirlwind .. . that spills over the result already expected ... the "dark water" manipulating and guiding the destiny of the gods and the people ... who guarantees that every path guided by god ... will end in paradise? And if what awaits you .... is hell?
Page 3
Prometheus - The only way for people to resist is surrender to the hands of God ....However, sometimes the will of the human being overlaps with the divine design and he decides to walk alone ...This is a provocation imposed by the gods .... but this ... you already knew, did you not? Gemini Saga…. You participated in this divine plan by free and spontaneous will, right? And you do not regret it ... you took the dagger in your hands ... to stick your claws into the deity in which you believed …
Page 4
Saga - It's true, I do not have the slightest regret in me. What I desire is an absolute sanctuary, which does not hold anyone ... to acquire a power capable of governing this world, in the true sense of the word, and to protect peace on earth forever ... and to achieve this ... .I would kill ... even the gods.
Prometheus - You hate so much .... your former master Shion? Is it revenge that he did not choose you as his successor ... despite all the power you think he possesses? This situation as a false Pope.... is it what you wish for yourself?
Saga - Today, I am grateful to Shion. Because not being chosen as a master ... was the best for me. Exactly because I was not chosen, I was able to wake up. I learned not to fear the sacrifice to fulfill my desires.
Page 5
Saga - So ... I did not hesitate when I put the dagger against the baby that was the reincarnation of the goddess Athena ... or when I assassinated my former master Shion with my own hands and took his place ... or even now, when I deceive the whole sanctuary .... or rather, the whole world, in my role of false Pope.... at no time did I have a drop of fear or regret.
Page 6
Prometheus - Why do you want to reach the top of the power so much ... sacrificing so many things?

Saga - The disgrace that will fall on the earth ... will be of unimaginable magnitude ... so the sanctuary needs to become an unshakable shield. And the Saints , the implacable sword ... even if their adversaries .... are the gods ...
Prometheus - This man knows ... of the disgrace that is to shake the world ... he knows that it is something divine, which overflows from afar the act of Cronus... and that is exactly why he made so much question of facing the gods. Scaring the threat that falls on the land .....
Page 7
Prometheus - even if this threat is divine ... to face this immense power ... without ever fading ... to defend ... peace on earth ... for all eternity ... that ... is their fate ! Those…
Page 8
Prometheus - are the Saints
Page 9
Aiolia - The world is definitely collapsing !! With every step I give, I feel the floor undo !! If this continues ... all the people of the Titans will die. No sense in saving Cronus.... without saving the people too !! But save everyone .... is a fight against time !! I need to finish the fight .... in one blow !!
Page 10
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt. Passed by him ?! No ... he dodged it !! Did you move at the speed of light ?! I feel a ..... huge cosmos .... behind me ?!
Page 11
Aiolia - It's him!! Damn it!! I opened the guard too much !! I delayed the blow. I ended up breaching .... for a counterattack. I'll have to continue !! If you can not deflect the blow ... at least I hit one too !! I'm going to put ... my fangs in it!
Page 12
Aiolia - Lightning Plasma.
Cronus - You'll never reach me. Because .... you’re too slow. Being fast ... means ...
Page 13
Cronus - this here.
Aiolia - I can not see ... the trail of his punches!
Cronus - It's not just about not seeing! I can not even feel ... I can’t even track his cosmos! The fist ... appears suddenly, in the middle of nowhere !!
Page 14
Aiolia - surpassing the speed of light!
Page 15
Aiolia - It’s an attack with dimensional transportation !! He makes the fist teleport !! It’s another level of fighting !! Totally different from the other Titans !! Cronus is not any god !! The essence of his actions is primitive .... everything that moves him is.... violence pure and simple, condensed to the extreme !! To top it off .... your fist !!
Page 16
The big scythe. Megas Drepanon.
Aiolia - It has the power of the megas drepanon ... it’s capable of dissecting the cosmos of the others !! He can be called a god ....
Page 17
Aiolia - from the darkness ... god of destruction.
Page 18
Cronus - Your mistake .... was to think that you could beat me. I am a god born to destroy everything around me ... He who rips the time and the life, that causes the extinction, that turns everything to ashes .... and, this is no exception....
Milo - But what does it mean?!
Aldebaran/Camus - Not even the power of a Gold Saint .... can hit him ?!
Shura/Shaka - Not a minute ago they started to fight .... and ... Aiolia is being devastated by an overwhelming power difference !!!!
Page 19
Aiolia - What did I say ... at that time? “You are the best mate of all and I consider you a friend. Always fight with your head up .... there is no reason for you to be ashamed. Aiolos was until the last moment the bravest of the warriors .... and you .... looks a lot like your brother. I came today ... to give you coverage! You are the best Saint of all. I am so proud of the world that you are ... Leo Gold Saint.”
I know I said ... one thing ... I also heard ... something …” if you want ... to make a request for me, do it now. I always keep the promises .... you ... there's something you want to tell me, no?”
Page 20
“win the fight” This is it... do not die!
Page 21
“Win!” “Leave it to me”
Cronus - What are you trying to do? Are not you able to do anything? You are human ...... all you can do before a god ..... is bow down and kneel ... perplexed before my power ......
Page 22
Why ... you think that? If there is nothing ... that a human being .... can not overcome?
Page 23
Aiolia - And my cosmos .... will never be shaken !!
Cronus - what!

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