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Biofloc fish farming for beginner guide


Today we are going to tell you about Biofloc fish farming. If you want to know about Biofloc fish farming, then read this post completely.

Farmer Brothers, if you want to follow all the fish, then Biofloc is a very good method, but before cultivating it, it is very important to know about it because without any knowledge Biofloc fish farming can harm you.

To start Biofloc, it is necessary that you get the complete information as training for a few days around your city or district where fish farming is being done in this way.

By taking training, it is beneficial that you get all the information related to Biofloc such as how the tank is planted, which seed should be put for the fish, how long the fish will grow and when to release the fish.


Biofloc fish farming guide?

Before starting biofloc fish farming, it is necessary to take training so that you get all the information about Biofloc such as where there is a loss in it, where is the profit and what is the disease in it.

To get training about Biofloc, you can also get information from companies and if not, you can also take training from farmers around your district if you want to get very good information and training about Biofloc