Open a new journey of e-commerce development

The prologue of the ceremony will start, and the development trend will write a new chapter.

On October 9, the first session of China's new e-commerce conference will kick off in Changchun City. Themed activities to "Internet economic innovation and new development" as the theme style, by the National Internet Information Office, Jilin ecommerce payment platformsCity People's Government specific guidance, China Network Social Organizations Federation, the provincial Internet Information Office, the Department of Commerce, Changchun City People's Government held together.

The first China New Electricity Business Conference includes the opening session and main forum and five sub-forums on community electric business ethics construction, "Internet technology + rural revitalization" reform and innovation, cross-border e-commerce quality development, community electric business and traditional industry digital development trend, ice and snow economy industry development planning in the new Internet era, and its "The first China New E-Commerce Conference network anchor Jilin, the first China New E-Commerce Conference live broadcast with goods and other three supporting facilities theme activities. Leaders of government departments, Chinese Internet companies, experts and professors in the e-commerce industry will gather in Jilin to discuss the development trend of the industry and draw a bright future for the development trend of China's community prototype fabricatione-commerce.

Industry innovation, new mode, new feeling, consumption upgrade, community e-commerce. Guided by the keyword "new", the first session of China's new e-commerce conference held to meet the direction of Jilin's e-commerce industry update development.

According to the introduction, community e-commerce is accompanied by a new generation of network technology progress, user first, the traditional e-commerce "people" "goods" "field" to carry out the link reconstructed, resulting in e-commerce The new model of e-commerce. Compared with traditional e-commerce, the main characteristics of community e-commerce: first, functional transactions to experience-based trading changes; second, to the core of the commodity to the user first; third, a single scenario to multi-scene combination. Specific categories include live e-commerce, community e-commerce platform, community e-commerce platform, etc.

Follow the trend of e-commerce industry development trend, Jilin e-commerce show high-quality development trend. Data show that the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the province's total e-commerce turnover of more than 2 trillion. Source from third-party data statistical analysis shows that the province's network retail sales, rural network retail sales, cross-border e-commerce turnover continued to grow at a rate higher than 20.0% for three years, with three national-level cross-border e-commerce pilot areas, 28 national-level e-commerce into rural model counties, China and the provincial ministry-level e-commerce mine boxdemonstration base, demonstration enterprises 134, major websites active e-commerce 200 More than 200,000, immediately solve the employment of 166.3 tens of thousands of people, indirectly drive employment more than 7 million people, e-commerce has become an important grasp of the sustained growth of economic development in Jilin Province, promote industrial structure upgrading, promote urban transactions, promote national entrepreneurship, boost poverty alleviation and wealth, development trend of export trade.

From the sale of a single commodity, to the use of big data, cloud computing technology, to complete the production - supply - marketing of the whole chain of synergistic development trend, traditional e-commerce to the community e-commerce update changes in the case of industry innovation to accelerate the continuous emergence of new models to accelerate the generation of China's The transformation and upgrading of economic development is giving a constant impetus.

According to the person in charge of the Department of Commerce details, in recent years, China vigorously promote the demonstration of electric business city, demonstration base, demonstration enterprise basic construction, cultivate characteristic industry groups and leading enterprises. In addition, to strengthen the demonstration of rural e-commerce, to help promote rural revitalization run "instant speed". Continue to innovate at the level of cross-border e-commerce platform, promote "trading all over the world" to build "import and export trade bridge", improve e-commerce logistics collaboration, accelerate the circulation of contemporary commodities to build a strong "grouping station ", the development and growth of the Internet economy to create a "main battlefield", proactive build e-commerce talent template support system.


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