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Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

cefc3109f737498a24dcd0e6ada08c78.jpgHistorical events (less than 60 words):

Thomas Jefferson became the third president of the United State and served two terms as president. During his time as president he was one of the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Also, Jefferson was part of the Tripoli War during the years 1801 through 1805. Two years later after the war, Jefferson ended the slave trade.

Childhood/family Background (less than 60 words):

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia. His father Peter Jefferson was a planter and a surveyor. When his father died, Thomas inherited his father’s land at a young age. Jefferson spent his childhood reading books and attending school. He graduated from William and Mary College then studied law under the Wythe to be an attorney.


Thomas Jefferson was one of the United States presidents that help develop the United States. One way he developed the United States was by double the American size by brokering the Louisiana Purchase. During the month of June in 1776, Jefferson was one of the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence. In the process of writing the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was assigned to write a preamble of the national rights of humans. During the year 1781, Jefferson had to leave his home in Charlottesville, Virginia because he encountered some political enemies that wanted him dead. While serving as the third president, a war broke out called First Barbary War also known as Tripoli War. The war was created to help stop payment between United States and North Africa. The Americans won the Tripoli war and no longer had to pay North Africa.


I think Thomas Jefferson was an intelligent person who wanted the best for America. He believed in limited government powers and that a president should expand the United States. It is known that Thomas Jefferson would forever remember as the great American Founding Fathers. However, he was a spokesman of liberty and also a racist slave owner. He did happened to get one of his slaves pregnant. Overall Thomas Jefferson did help create America.

Contribution to history:

Thomas Jefferson is remembered for being the third president in United States history. He was one of these authors of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson helped double the size of America from the Louisiana purchase. When he was in office he reduced taxes and government spending money. One of his accomplishments was being a founder of Virginia University. While another Jefferson accomplishment was writing the ‘Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom’. After nine years after writing the book it lead to freedom of religion and the separation of state and church. Jefferson wrote lots of books that led to great outcomes. During the Boston Tea Party, Jefferson was a supporter of the cause of Americans independence from Great Britain. In 1774, he wrote a book called ‘Summary View of the Rights of British American’, the book helped Jefferson established his reputation.


Thomas Jefferson died on July 4, 1826 in Massachusetts. The fifty anniversary of the Declaration of Independence Day. It was unknown what caused Jefferson's death.