Chapter 94
Page 1
Shun - Shura’s Excalibur..... It is evolving into a new technique ?! I've never felt a cosmic combustion like this ... it's disintegrating everything. This is not something that humans have .....
Page 2
Shun - this technique has broken the limits of the cosmos ?! cut in two with just one blow.
Page 3
Shura - Eclipse Excalibur.
The souls of the dead that were around that brat ... are being cut completely.
Deathmask- Hey, you! Do you really want this brat? I will fulfill your desire!!
Page 4
Deathmask - you gave me!! now I will open a portal directly to hell ... that has just emerged in this world!
Page 5
Shura - Are the souls of the dead being directed to hell ?! Is the presence of natassia remaining in this cigarette? death mask made a substitute for natassia?
Page 6
Deathmask - lock now !!
Shura - the presence of the spirit disappeared ?!
Milo- a presence of life .... a pure cosmos ....
Page 8
Natassia- dad!! Daddy ... why are you crying?
Hyoga - because your presence here makes me happy ... and I felt lonely without you.
Page 9
Hyoga - I can not sacrifice someone to save people ... even though I became an adult, I did not change anything like I was before. despite this, I survived alongside those I love .... and your dad can not give up.