Your wages will not make you wealthy, Your investment will.


Economists always advise that you never have just one source of income, this is even more relevant in a recession. There are always good reasons for you to have several streams of income. Records of financial both crypto and conventional financial documents show an unpleasant outcome for people who rely on just 1 source of income rather than learning several ways to make money online.


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With IncomeB, everyone now has quite a reliable source of secondary income relating to money investment that can help them during economic meltdowns or even catastrophic recessions.

Our Independent Project

We're focusing on advanced strategies aimed at tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with the implementation of artificial intelligence and Big Data. The largest threat to humankind today is antimicrobial immunity which claims millions of lives on an annual basis and also the numbers keep rising.

By making use of features like deep learning, big data, and machine learning in our research efforts, we could come up with many promising applications from the evaluation of medicinal compounds to forecasting how effective a drug can be. Artificial intelligence and large data assist a lot in reducing the typical R & D cycle interval, impairs precision, and reduces overall costs of performance.

IncomeB is one of the members of the well-respected AMR Industry Alliance which was created in 2016 to combat antimicrobial resistance. This is the largest private-sector alliance of its own type.

Why Pharma Remains Special

When market booms, procyclical businesses post impressive results. On the flip side, in a recession, it's the counter-cyclical businesses that do well. Some businesses aren't affected by these economic cycles and they are known as acyclical industries, one such is the pharmaceutical sector.

As economies enter recessions over and over, the pharma industry has been able to demonstrate uncommon resilience. The pharma sector by nature doesn't rely on the demands from customers and this is only because buying medicines is not the same as buying a car.


We're a Bio-Pharma Start-Up

Our principal work is the provision of research and development support to prominent pharma companies. Revenue generation for this pharma investment is through the creation of new drugs and testing through all of the trial phases then onward sales to the Big Pharma enterprises.

How are we applicable to Big Pharma?

Without mincing words concerning pharma investing, start-ups like us are 500 percent more effective when it concerns the growth of research and development compared to major Pharma companies. For this reason, Big Pharma has tactically withdrawn itself from doing any pharma invest in this market for the previous 15 years. Relatively smaller ventures like ours are now the winners in regards to the first development of new medications and we help those interested in optimizing their passive income resources.

What's more, Big Pharma companies aren't flexible. Every measure is laced with a single bureaucratic barrier or another and it is more than bothersome for pharma investors. From countless red tapes into office politics and constant changes in internal policies to aversion for risks and endless witch-hunting by government agencies as well as competitions, large pharmaceutical companies aren't in the ideal position to focus properly on the early growth of medication. For these reasons, they are shifting their focus on other areas that may easily please their investors better.

Hence, Big Pharma brands have opted to enter into collaborations with and investments in startups and licensing technology to meet their demands. At IncomeB, we work with some of those major Pharma firms in addition to supplying our development and research services to fulfill their needs so much as passive income ideas are involved.

Major Pharma brands will also be about making profits and by coping with partnerships like us, they could minimize dangers and in the long term, get to maximize all the profit. Big Pharma companies are also able to prevent the complex tasks of the premature development of drugs as all that is carried out by startup enterprises like us.

How It Works When You Invest Money

Everyone Wins

Our theory is the creation of a reliable and sustainable secondary source of earnings for those investors. But not just the investors profit, as we are also able to fund our research too. As a result of our comprehension, we have been able to design the rules and conventions so stakeholders may invest money without any stress. Though we're not promising hopeless rates, you can be sure of getting consistent and regular returns with us. Now is the time to become wealthy with passive income and with us, you will learn on how to invest.

Simple Plan

Virtually anybody can decide to invest with as much as $50 and get a daily yield of 1.25% for 365 days. Investors can also get a 10% bonus every time they refer an investor to us.


There are ambitious plans in place for this project. At the second part of 2020, we are going to release our Ethereum-powered smart token. This will be along with other major announcements but the tentative token will be costly at 0.0025 USD together with the launch date adjusted for November 2020.

By taking advantage of an Ethereum-powered smart token, several benefits and benefits come with it. First, there is no centralization of the digital currency, unlike conventional fiat currency. Also, by taking advantage of a nominal powered by Ethereum, all stakeholders are able to make use of what's known as a wise contract, a sort of transaction where everyone can observe and adhere to all actions involved in the deal.

Another major benefit of this kind of currency is security. Since the currency is electronic and digital, it's very secure to use and can't be compromised, contrary to other regular fiat currencies. The safety that includes the smart token is one of its very best selling points -- and for obvious reasons.


A superb product or service is the one that links the customers to the future.

Though a great deal of controversies are hovering around the state and character of cryptocurrencies, what is undeniable is they will determine the future of financial transactions.

For those familiar with background, reserve currencies shifted from the golden standard to the dollar in place today and it will still change. A major economic crisis will erode the power of the United States dollar and other fiat currencies meaning there will be a need to get a replacement. Many analysts and financial experts are of the solid opinion that cryptocurrencies are already in the best position to become another world reserve currency.

Hence, to prepare our customers with this much-expected future and allow them to enjoy all of the gains of cryptocurrencies, we're thinking up our cryptocurrency predicated on Ethereum blockchain technology which is known for being protected and resourceful.

The plan in place would be to set our cryptocurrency towards the end of 2020, especially around November when the window is going to be opened for all to make money and crypto invest. It will also be released with all our white paper which is visible on the roadmap. Stakeholders can acquire complimentary tokens by taking part in the investment plan, see more information in the How It Works section. Extra details about the token will be published shortly on this site so please watch out.

We're taking time to come out with a correct token and it's because we're coming up with a solid digital token that we've put the launch time to be around the end of 2020. We are not rushing to provide a less-than-perfect cryptocurrency however we want something that will endure and provide us the value we want.

Roadmap on How to Invest

Those with goals make it in life because they know precisely where their destination is and they also create and design on how best to achieve those goals. Additionally, every venture on the best way best to invest and where to spend has its own purpose and vision, which may only be reached by executing a strategy. Like other investment companies, there's a road map in place to direct at each stage.

Our roadmap is a well thought out plan and a compass that guides us straight towards our goal. This roadmap helps us to identify exactly what to focus on, as nothing can be accomplished without attention. With this roadmap, we never eliminate focus, and eventually, we could achieve all of the goals that have been outlined.

Different people have different results when it comes to the world of investments. Some have been able to create huge profits in regards to investing here and there. Then some others ended up with nothing but massive losses. There are all kinds of investment companies but not everybody knows where to make investments.

When it comes to income , one must make very smart decisions. Knowing the strategies of investing or using the finance invest become positive when you are receiving the results concerning gains and returns that swell your accounts.

The distinction between a successful investment and one that is not is only the kind of roadmap that has been used and set in place. At IncomeB, we make use of nothing but the very best and time consuming roadmap. Thus our investors are certain of having very remarkable returns with their investments with us. What makes an investment worth it is not merely the one-time yields but steady returns over time. With your investment at IncomeB, you receive all these and just a lot more.

Wealth Management

There's most likely no era or time period when one should have a second income than now. You have to seriously understand how to invest money and make huge gains in the form of secondary income and a very good return on investment. For those who are asking themselves where do I spend my money or those who aren't sure of which investment plans 2020 to execute, IncomeB is the best bargain for them all.

Even though now we can't name these on our management team, our status as a good stealth startup is intact. We are adopting this mode so that we could carefully implement the very best principles of wealth management.

One of the secrets of the rich people, compared with the bad, is that the former can manage money a ton better than the bad. Wealth and its management are why a few are rich and others are in poverty. Making money is 1 thing but being able to handle and grow these financial assets is another thing entirely.

What is a Stealth Start-Up?

To explain it in the simplest of terms, a stealth startup is a sort of startup company that deliberately shies away from all sorts of publicity -- for various reasons.

As hinted earlier in the home page of the website, we're best defined as a biopharma startup and we are largely into early-stage development and research (better known as R&D) of pharmaceuticals. Our customers are mainly Big Pharma firms. Working in the stealth mode is not uncommon in the pharma sector, especially for those in the study and development part. Rather than making noise all over the area, they gently concentrate on their research work, softly enter into partnerships and wait until an ideal product is ready before going public with it.