3 Essential Steps to Consider While Performing Background Checks on New Hires

Presently background verification has been an essential inclusion in the hiring process. The employers conduct background verification of the employees they are planning to hire. This assures the management of choosing the right candidate.


At times, the nature of the job also calls for an employee background check. It depends on the gravity of the job profile. For example, a company handling confidential accounting and finance, unfailingly conducts a background check on the credits of the prospective employee to judge how much the person is financially reliable or dependable. 


What Actually is an Employee’s Background Check?

It is a review of the eligible candidate's records in terms of finance, criminal, and commercial. Background checks can cover address verification, education and professional qualifications, employment verification, and even professional references. Companies are hired that are professionals in this domain and submit records within a stipulated time. Corporate firms hiring the best background verification companies in Mumbai have been common and have seen a surge in the number.


Why Performing Background Checks Stand Essential?


Background check will help to provide protection to your employees and organisation at large. It gives assurance on the data provided by the candidate thereby making them seem reliable for the job. It also helps to minimize any exposure from employee liability by performing due diligence in the hiring process. 


Process of Background Verification


Background verification of a candidate or the prospective employer includes jotting down the information related to him/her and submitting it at the end. But it is even more than one can think of. Merely collection information is not going to do the task. It needs to be validated by matching with the source, at times with the multiple ones. Therefore, this ardent task that most of the background verification companies in India cater to has few steps. These steps help in streamlining the entire task and ensure a piece of valid, true information being collected at the end of the process. 



The following are the three common but essential steps that need consideration while performing background checks:


  • Employment History

The applicant can be experienced, having worked at various organisations previously before getting selected as a desirable candidate for the current company. However, the claims being made by the candidate regarding the previous employers are correct or not need to be validated. Voluntarily leaving the company and getting all formalities done at the previous employers is what most employers look for. But, if an employee is fired on reasons such as conduct, underperformance, absconding or any other issue, should be known to the current employer as well.


  • Criminal Records

Laws prohibit a person who is facing any charges or is under any legal proceedings to join an organisation. In addition to this, companies too make sure that they do not appoint any person who has any criminal record. There are many background verification companies in Mumbai and even in India who can conduct such employee background check. It stands very crucial in the hiring process for some organisations.


  • Credit Check

This is more common and important for the companies that deal exclusively in finance. According to the expert associated with the field, background check of the employee on the ground of credit helps in assessment about the candidate's financial record. It is relevant and stands very crucial. Any negativity is going to impact the hiring process.




There can be several crucial and deciding factors when it comes to selecting the eligible candidate not only on the ground of educational qualification but also on the company's safety, norms, and conditions. The verification companies always take care of every elemental factor that plays a decisive role in converting the employee into an asset of the company.