Bond Back Cleaning Melbourne

Moving house? Need to organize a full clean for your final inspection? Feeling the aching pain of your arms due to scrubbing away that stubborn stain from your kitchen appliances all day? Or, you seemed to have wasted your whole day just mopping and vacuuming around but it still looks like a hurricane has just passed by your rooms? Whether you want your place to shine bright like a new home and get its old glamour back or you want to impress and your Real Estate Agent to secure your entire bond amount back, we are the answer to your stress! We are the most trusted cleaning company in Australia with the help of our highly motivated cleaning professionals who have a keen eye for perfection.


We are experts in cleaning especially Vacate Cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning, Move-out Cleaning and Rental Cleaning. This type of cleaning services is required by law and is represented by your Real Estate Agent for you to be paid back of the bond that you deposit when you first leased or rented the property. It basically means Bond Back Cleaning Melbourne, you will eradicate any traces that it was once inhabited by you thus, it should be sparkling clean from the toilet bowl to your warm and cozy carpet. Almost all of the house or apartment leased properties have mandatory contracts that require a “broom-clean” quality cleaning result, it does not certainly mean the actual use of a broom but on the contrary, it is performed by professional cleaners.


House Cleaning, Oven Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning or even just General Cleaning are regular types of cleaning services. They may sound boring tasks to you but they surely require a lot of your time and professionally trained and skilled cleaners to do it thoroughly, precisely and efficiently. Let’s face it, you sometimes feel guilty when you have no time in cleaning your cluttered home but trust me, you will feel even worse if you are not having it cleaned at all! We will help you drop that guilt and anxiety you have been carrying all week- long. Don’t let your family suffer the day-to-day horror of living with dirt, pollution and overall unhealthy environment. After all, you and your family deserve nothing but the best care and comfort.


We at Bond Back Cleans pride ourselves in providing quality cleaning results, highest standards of service and peace of mind at a very unbeatable price. We have consistently strived for perfection and client’s utmost satisfaction. We listen and understand to each of our client’s specific and unique cleaning requirements, we want our service to live up to your ideal expectations that is why, we maintain to build a strong relationship with every client we serviced, we believe that a happy and satisfied customer will eventually become our loyal customer. We make sure that we leave no trace but a shiny, clutter and germ-free place!