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Are you running or about to start running a school in Melbourne? Do you need to have fresh supplies of food to the school and have your learners and employees enjoying fresh supply of dairy and frozen foods, groceries, fruit and vegetables, bread, fresh meat, and milk? If you answered yes to both questions, welcome to the world of Melbourne Food Distributors (MFD) for sufficient school food supplies Melbourne.


About Melbourne Food Distributors (MFD)


Melbourne Food Distributors (MFD), as the name says, is a full-service and well-established supplier of foods to different entities in the larger Melbourne CBD and suburbs. MFD has been supplying fresh food, fruits, dairy, and meat products to the area and its businesses for the last 25 years, thereby cementing itself as the premier and go-to food supplier. Whether you need catering food supplies Melbourne for your workplace, business place, industrial plant, or learning institution, you have the right team to talk to.


Schools and College Food Supplies


At Melbourne Food Distributors (MFD), we have over 1,500 lines on the ready to help us offer the best and complete food packages to schools and colleges. The commitment, dedication, and continuous supplies have seen us grow in popularity and become a dominant player in the foodservice area, a position we are not willing to relinquish. We always look forward to becoming the top-ranking school foodservice consultant and supplier all over Melbourne CBD and beyond.


Why Try Us?


You can get many benefits from working with us. For starters, it is easy for you to make a one-order, one-delivery request and get it without discrimination. We do not treat our small- and large-scale clients differently since we need them both. Therefore, you can talk to us for a one-order request or ask us to supply food to your hotels and restaurants, accommodation facilities, aged care homes, cafes, schools, sports clubs, among others.


Talk to us today and have your food deliveries handled by the right team. Visit our website www.mfdfood.com.au to learn about or contact us.


Contact us:

41 McNaughton Road, Clayton

Phone: 0385416030

Email: orders@mfdfood.com.au