Chapter 83

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Hades - this power ... Athena's great cosmos has not yet disappeared ......

the glow of the Ichor that floated around him increased.

would you be directing your cosmos to earth ?!

these eyes so admirable that he has, these eyes that should have lost everything ..... what he continues to observe would be ....

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That place where there is despair? or is it the future full of ... hope ..?

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wake up ..... athena, come back, please.

we are under alert. You should not leave the room. at that moment the sanctuary finds itself in chaos. this is the last fortress he has left. I understand .... but there is nothing to worry about ... since you ....

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Marin - You’re always on my side. you overestimate me no phenomenon is absolute.

Athena - I know, Marin. but still .... I'm sure you can help me.

Marin - I'm really grateful. it relieves me. Make no mistake ... this is because you can not leave this place. that's why the Saints protect it .... independent of anything.

all this cosmo and Ichor that continue being sent even after so many years .... is, undoubtedly, a dangerous action.

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Marin- but you, however, believe that this .... is connected with the salvation of everything.

Athena - what makes hope hope .... is an inviolable faith .... besides that .... there is the confidence of those who believe in me. all those hearts that have put their trust in me are giving me strength, right now.

Marin - these hearts, can it ... save all the worlds? or better........

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Marin - by chance, would they save ... all the dimensions ?!

Athena - there must always be hope independent of time, be it in the past or in the future. independent of being in a next dimension.

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This hope ..... is not an illusion !!

Mordred - I do not like the time it takes. I'm going to ........ hit your face!

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Aldebaran - Great Horn!

Page 9

Mordred - by any chance can you stop the attacks of my six dark arms with your two hands ?! he was able to get to that point ?! I will release the power of my eight arms now. I still have a great repertoire! ties between parents and children are a falsehood !! all of them, regardless of their blood ties..... betray all to save themselves! since we were born ... we have nothing, nothing beyond darkness and we tread the path of despair!

Page 10

Mordred - There are no hopes for those who live! there is no glow in the blood! all the ways ..... do not need .... any glory!

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Aldebaran - yoshino .... your mom is worried too ... let's go home.

Yoshino - Yes.

Page 12/13 - not gonna bother to translate

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Yoshino - laughing is my specialty! since dad and mom always smile ..... and I also like to smile.

Shura - by chance he stopped the power of the opponent ..... using the arms ?!

Page 15

Aldebaran - yoshino ... that .... world whose always made you smile .....

Shura - He is concentrating its power .... to counterattack.

Aldebaran - this place .... so happy ... the way to return to this place .... is the one that possesses a bright future ...

Page 16

Aldebaran - and that makes a way .... full of glory! Glorious Horn