Chapter 60
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Hasgard - Cor Tauri ... as you are a automaton from the time of mythology ... and you have protected Crete for thousands ... no, tens of thousands of years, according to your duty, ... I will show you a determination that can be part of this story!
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Hasgard - I will reach you!
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Hasgard - but hitting it with the great horn and with the titan's break turned out to be.... useless!
Celintha - Master!
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Celintha - But what?
Retreat, celinthia. I understand that Cor Tauri is important to you, but ... the world needs him, too. Sealing the giant on Etna as well is to protect you. now I understand ... my mission is to convince you!
Celintha - Is that not a little stupid?
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Hasgard 0 Yes. That's the stupidity of the elders. but you do not know, celintha..... even if you only see the egoism in my acts, I do not care ... because all this is to open a path to the future, one in which you can live !!
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Hasgard - That .... even my Gold Cloth can not protect ... incredible ... but yes .... the soul of your heart is the zeal of zeus! the blood and the lightning of zeus .... run through your blood?
Cor Tauri 0 Miss…. eu… europa
Hasgard - these lightning bolts are the source of your power, Cor Tauri?
Page 9
Celintha - No … it’s leaving his body because of his age!
Hasgard - What?
Celintha - The deterioration of my master's body has increased with time. And now he can not control the lightning! He was very aware of it .... so he tried to live in peace for a long time, to protect us from it.
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Although the children are ... able to see what is happening ... but he always protected us in Crete. That's why I'll forgive you ... let him stay in Crete and take care of Europe until the end!
Hasgard - what?!
Page 11
celintha - Hasgard !!
Hasgard - So ..... he just wants to end his days in peace here? Is that what you really want, Cor Tauri?
Page 12
Hasgard - Gah…. it's ….hot ....
Page 13
Hasgard - What a tremendous pressure! Your body is so hot it's red! The lightning in your heart, that from the supreme god, has incredible power! This is a true guardian of the mythological age!
Page 14
Hasgard - A giant star .... Cor tauri!
Cor Tauri - But .... Cor tauri ... protect .... crete ... miss ... europa ...... children of.... miss .... europe .... the legacy ... the land .... miss ... europe ... everything ...
Hasgard - did you know
Page 15
Hasgard - I feel your voice through this power .... like an old star .... express your last wish ... before using your last strength! You just repeat the same things ... how do I reach you?
Page 16
Hasgard - Am I just a dwarf .... facing the weight of your story? I have to shake your heart so .... fight me! In that case .... I also have to ... become a giant star!
Page 17
Hasgard - Take this, Cor Tauri! This is the bull's fist! Great horn!
Page 18
Hasgard - A bright bull of light ..... who is this? Zeus!
Page 19
Celintha - Hasgard! Are you ok?
Hasgard - My attack ... worked? The blood of Zeus that flows across the earth to create earthquakes .... if you go back to using the new ichor, this place .... will be totally destroyed!
Page 20
Cor Tauri - the old europa ..... the memories are coming back ... in this heart that cries .... my memories more reaches ....
Page 21
Cor Tauri - You gave me my first flowers.
Europe - CorTauri. I can feel my beloved zeus all over your body ... thanks for everything. You protected me and my children. even though I am a person who can not return to Olympus.
Page 22
Cor Tauri - Daedelus built me with this function. It is useless to say thank you.
Europa - You're really very dedicated to your work. In this case, we welcome zeus and Daedelus.
Mom, minos pulled my hair!
Minos - Liar! Your hair caught on a branch!
Europa - Come on, do not fight!
Page 23
Europa - Cor Tauri, you may be a automaton created by Dedalo, but ...for me....You are part of my family. And one of my children.
Cor Tauri - Part of your family? An automaton like me?
Page 24
Europa - But of course! You've protected us for a long time, Cor Tauri.
Cor tauri - but ... time has its course, you disappeared ... and your descendants are scattered throughout the world. Or is it you, Miss Europa?
Page 25
Cor Tauri - Where are you?
Hasgard - Color Tauri! stop losing yourself! You never stopped protecting the children ... since the time of mythology, right?
Page 26
Celintha - Hasgard ... did he use his own body as a shield to protect me? Enough, stop fighting ... before ... you get hurt ...
Cor Tauri - Forgive me...everyone...
Hasgard - Cor Tauri?
Cor Tauri - Miss ... europa... my body is in ruins ... my ichor is out of control….
Page 27
Cor Tauri - And I have ... lost .... my big body ... and my fist ... it wasn’t enough ... to protect you and your ... descendants ... I want ... to protect you ... and the family to which I belong. …
Page 28
Hasgard - In that case, protect the world, Cor Tauri! Because there is nothing to lose! Fight alongside me! Help me protect the world, Cor tauri! Do you suffer for this duty? And the memories of those powers ... because of all those thousands of years! What does 'help' mean? What can I do for you?
Page 29
Hasgard - I'll help you endure this duty for a moment!
Cor Tauri - My body ... feels relieved ... this man ... is bearing all this burden with his own body ... to save my body?
Page 30
Cor Tauri - how stupid
Page 31
So, what are you going to do? I refuse! What will become of us?
Cor Tauri - I’m sorry.
but ... why right now? Can not you stay here and live in peace?
Cor Tauri - That is impossible.
Page 32
Cor Tauri - Basically, I was created to protect Europa ... and her children. I will do this duty to the end. that means that I will protect them too.
Celintha - Do not you think it would be better .... our master do what he wants?

Celintha - we did not know it would not be any other way? Have not we learned many things since we arrived?
Page 33
Celintha - And now I understand ... you're like a lost child ... you just found your way home, right? but if it's possible .....
Page 34
Celintha - I want you to remember .... that you also have a home here with us ...
Hasgard - protecting children is very difficult .... ilias ... but ....
Page 35
Hasgard- but now ....
[Mount Enta]
Hasgard - The mountain is taken by an evil cosmos. The resurrection of a giant is right!
Cor Tauri - is it Typhon?
Hasgard - Yes. This is problematic, but .....
Page 36
Hasgard - We can only move forward ...