4 Secrets Men Keep And Why You Should Let Them

46ef15932bf08f1c4241fa1ed7550ba9.jpgMany of us believe that if we are close to our man, we should know everything he is thinking, the secrets he keeps are little enemies, tearing us apart. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is absolutely necessary for each person in a relationship to have their own personal world, their thoughts, feelings and boundaries that belong to them and no one else.

Being close doesn't mean being "fused" into one person. It means loving, honoring and respecting the other and sharing what it is that can be shared. If a man (or woman) feels that there is no room for them to have their own thoughts and experiences while in a relationship, they can easily feel that their individuality and sense of self is slipping away. Needless to say, a good relationship not only brings two people closer, but enhances each person's sense of self worth and individuality. Here are 5 secrets that men often keep to themselves, and why it is important to let them do so.

1) That he looks at and is attracted to other women.

Don't pry into this. Some women keep asking their man whether or not he is attracted to other women. A man who doesn't look at anyone, or feel anything for them is either very old, very tired or lying. There is nothing wrong for a man to look at and admire other women, as long as he does it discretely, and not make a show of it before others or before you - as long as he doesn't use it to make you insecure or competitive with the other women.

Looking at and responding to others doesn't mean he doesn't find you desirable, or that he's comparing you. Most men fuel their sexuality and fantasies by looking at and admiring others. If you ask them to talk about it, not only will it make you nervous, but they can often feel shamed, embarrassed and exposed, unable to do what they do naturally, without being censured. Enjoy his love for you and leave well enough alone.

2) Details of his past relationships.

Some women become obsessed with finding out everything about their man's past relationships. They need to know if they measure up, if he's as happy with them as he was with others, what went wrong in the past relationships, or if he's really over a past love. There's no need to probe this, however. He was a different man in the past. Don't hold his past wrongs against him. He doesn't want to be reminded of them, and particularly doesn't want you to see him in a bad light. Let him be who is he now.

Let him feel good about how he is with you, not be dragged past into memories of other people or of what did or did not do. The best way for him to forget old girlfriends is to feel happy, close and safe with you. Because he loved once, does not mean he cannot love again now. When we let the past be the past that is where it will stay.

3) Whether or not he's really happy in the relationship?

Many women just can't wait to get around to the "relationship" discussion. They want to know how he's feeling about things in general, and at some point or another, sit him down to get all the details. This makes most men feel pressured, on the line and restless. They don't know exactly what you want them to tell you or what it's going to mean. Some fear repercussions for what they say. Communication that's healthy in a relationship is on-going. It's good to set up a situation where both of you can express your feelings as they arise - have them heard and attended to.

Sitting down for an "intense" discussion is not something most men are comfortable doing. It makes them feel judged and criticized and if it happens too often, can easily make them drift away.

4) If he enjoys being with his friends more than being with you?

Many women become possessive of their man's attention and resentful of time spent away from them, particularly nights out with the guys or any time spent with other friends, having a good time. The women want to be included in everything as proof of his love for them. When the guy has spent time with his buddies, they want to know if he enjoyed that time more than being with them. It is a bad idea to question him about this, or make him feel that he has to choose. Time spent with buddies is crucial for many men, it is a time of male bonding that is greatly needed, no matter how much he cares for you.

Some women interfere with her man's friendships and even his relationship with his family, she feels so threatened. But truly loving someone means allowing them to be all of whom they are - fulfilling all their needs and realizing that no matter how much they love you they also need others in their lives. When you have a truly healthy relationship, you are secure in his feelings for you, and want to see him happy and fulfilled with others. The more fulfilled he is, the more he can then give to you. Let the time he has with his buddies belong to him. Don't question him about details, don't make him feel guilty as though he is taking something away from you.


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Author: Brenda Shoshanna