4 Mistakes to Avoid If You Want Your Ex Back

There are 4 classic mistakes some people make that can ruin their chances of wanting to get their ex back.


When people go through a breakup, there are 4 classic mistakes they make that can ruin their chances of wanting to get their ex back. It’s important to know these 4 issues so you can avoid making these common blunders especially if you are looking to getting back together with your ex. Remember that these classic mistakes can cost you possibly a good relationship.


Mistake Number (1) - No Contact


You stay together although you are broke up. If you break up with someone, no matter if you are the one who chose to end the relationship or not, you need to live your ex alone. Many people believe that staying near their ex is the way to win their heart back. It’s actually the worst thing you can do. Give him or her space that both of you need for a little time to miss you. There is no way to bring them back instantly so you need to be patient. Don't you think it is worth to give both of you a time to sort things out? Doing so means you can focus on making a better you and he/she can focus on making themselves better. Another reason you should take a break is to form a plan of action.


Mistake Number (2) - No Drugs, No Alcohol


Do not turn to drugs or alcohol during this time period. It is never the best way to deal with a breakup and can lead you to do even more stupid things such as calling him or her up in the middle of the night, crying for them to come back. This is called drunk dialing. If you have done this, you may already know why you shouldn’t drink when you are most emotional.


Mistake Number (3) - No Desperate Action


You probably wonder if your ex thinks of you constantly. Chances are if you are giving them space but you don’t want to keep calling him or her on a regular basis. All it does is make you look like a psycho and is likely to make your ex glad he or she dumped you. If you are trying to act depressed and making your ex feel guilty about leaving you so he or she will come back is another bad strategy. If you want the chance of getting back together with your ex, then remember not to act desperate or it is likely to repel getting them back.


Mistake Number (4) - Pursuing Your Ex without a Plan


Make sure to have some sort of plan in place before you and your ex try the relationship a second time around. Have more than one plan and give them some serious thought before you choose a strategy to go with.  Go into the relationship without one is sure to doom the relationship in the long run. If you want your ex back, then be sure to have a plan and not follow your impulse.


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