Damaged Reputation

SEO Reputation Management

Any business seeking to maximize public exposure. And this overexposure results in any stain on our reputation online. On the one hand, some companies have web positioning and technical controversy.

The first is to identify sites that contain the terms unfavorable to our brand, and simultaneously identify keywords that make these places go first or ranked in the SERPs. That is, a site can go to certain search on page ten, but before another can go out in the top ten. Then, we must identify those searches that make these unfavorable comments go first.

What we do then is to measure the online authority that this site or sites have. An inscription on an unknown posted is much easier to neutralize a campaign that includes multiple entries in high Pagerank sites. Also, we must also take note of how social networks are mentioned brand in the negative. Given this list, we know what we're dealing with.
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