Content warnings for Daddy's Boy

  • unhealthy relationship dynamics all around, including big age gaps, intimate partner violence, and manipulation in the sexual ones, and in the familial ones, manipulation and emotional abuse
  • graphic violence and gore; sexual objectification, harassment, and one scene of sexual assault that leads to fear of rape
  • severe mental illness, chronic illness, and ableism, including an abled parent considering murdering his mentally ill son as “mercy”
  • depictions of unreality and hallucination, sudden mood swings, and dissassociation
  • reference to suicide and self esteem issues
  • oblique reference to ableism in a mental healthcare context
  • clumsy use of drugs and chemical highs to cope with a severe mental illness
  • daddy kink and also non-sexual use of the name Daddy by his adult children
  • murder
  • past death of siblings/children
  • violent car crash and surgical imagery
  • transphobia and internalised homophobia (including slurs, sexual objectification, and institutional bigotry)
  • racist remarks about a man who is white, but is thought by the person speaking to be racially ambiguous