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FullHD6x10: True Blood Season 6 Episode 10 Watch Online Free its characters weren't wading through mouthfuls of tee-hee knowingness, they were choking on exposition. Angie reminded Big Jim about the deal they made, Julia reminded Barbie about the baby born when Alice died, Ollie reminded Big Jim about the town's water supply problem� Perhaps Under the Dome is trying to accommodate its viewers popping out for fag breaks or missing the odd episode, because if it didn't happen in the preceding scene, it thinks we need reminding.

FullHD6x10: True Blood Season 6 Episode 10 Watch Online Free than exposition, macho glaring was the theme of Thicker Than Water, as Big Jim engaged in a staring contest with just about every other male in Chester's Mill, from son Junior to farmer Ollie to ex-military man Barbie. The prize? Control of the town's water. After Barbie completed his A-Team videogame mission (Blow up the well: Trophy Achieved), the water was no longer monopolised, but belonged to the people. At least that problem/resolution story took longer than a single episode to work out. As I said, credit where it's due.

FullHD6x10: True Blood Season 6 Episode 10 Watch Online Free were distinctly Oedipal in the Rennie household, as relations between Big Jim and bovine Junior were further strained by the revelation that Ma Rennie had killed herself and Pa Rennie had lied about it. Unfortunately, the plotline saw the end of Leon Rippy as Ollie, the only actor of any charisma Dean Norris had to work with.

Which leaves us with the series' ongoing mystery: who created the dome, and why? Like The Tommyknockers, something weird in the woods might provide the answer. The egg left us with the message that the monarch will be crowned� Hmm. The monarch� like the butterflies that arrived out of season a few episodes back� like the butterfly tattooed on Angie's shoulder� add it all together and you get... what? Is Angie about to be turned into some kind of mega incubating Queen for whatever's inside that egg? Let's hurry up and crown her so we can all get back to our Battlestar Galactica box-sets. Now that Chester's Mill is running out of coffee, their civilisation's days are numbered anyhow.

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