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Providing world-class health care to patients throughout the country, Alton MultiSpecialists provide cost-effective services, bringing together the latest advances in medicine and healthcare with a commitment to continuous learning. Established in 1886, Alton has grown into one of Illinois' most significant and most progressive medical establishments, located in the northwest corner of Illinois' beautiful Riverwoods region. Featuring more than one hundred full-time faculty members and over forty graduate students, Alton MultiSpecialists aims at developing an enduring culture of dedicated professionals.


Alton MultiSpecialists provide expert patient care through a fully dedicated network of fully-staffed physicians and surgeons. They treat patients of all ages and specialize in different areas of health, including general surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, geriatrics, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonary rehabilitation, women and children's health, and special populations, including AIDS and diabetes. In addition, Alton MultiSpecialists treat children and families experiencing traumatic brain injuries and developmental disorders. They also offer specialized care for individuals suffering from severe medical conditions and serious injuries.


In pediatrics, Alton multi specialists follow a code of ethics that ensures they provide the highest quality medical care to all patients who need their services. Pediatric doctors are board-certified and receive additional supervision by experienced physicians with specialized training in pediatrics. They work closely with children and families to develop preventative and curative care, focusing on the early detection and treatment of diseases and disorders early in their development. Doctors at Alton MultiSpecialists have many years of experience coordinating the entire medicine practice in children and serving as consultants to other physicians. Pediatricians at Alton MultiSpecialists work to improve the quality of life in families by providing exceptional health care for every family member.


Alton MultiSpecialists physicians work closely with the Alton Healthcare Group, a company that is an affiliate of the Alton Medical Group. The company is dedicated to improving the quality of life through innovation, technology, education, research, and service. The company's goal is to provide affordable health care services focused on safety and quality of life. The company offers quality patient care tailored to meet the needs of our clients and patients and is committed to transforming their lives through education, creativity, and technology. Alton MultiSpecialists helps people become empowered through education, innovation, training, and technology and strives to provide the highest level of personalized, quality healthcare services for all. Our physicians educate and empower others through education and training to provide the best safety and quality of life.


The Alton Il medical clinic is located at 439 Sesame Street in the city of Alton in the United States. The clinic offers various general medical services for all ages and diseases and specialty services for a wide range of illnesses. The primary focus of Alton MultiSpecialists is comprehensive primary care, a family of services and programs, specialty clinics, nursing care, hospice, drug treatment, and cancer prevention and management. The mission of the Alton Il medical clinic is dedicated to the care of those who need an incredible medical care team and an exceptional, comprehensive, world-class treatment.


The clinic offers two doctor's office locations: The Main Street Clinic and The Admissions office. Dr. Eric Lewis, M.D., is the principal physician at both locations. Services include general, family, pediatric, gynecological, reconstructive, cardiology and connective medicine, and orthopedic surgery. The clinic's primary goal is to offer a high-quality health care system that provides seamless access to world-class specialists while providing affordable primary care and world-class financing. The clinic also strives to become a greener facility by focusing on environmental efforts.


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