Significance of All On 4 Dental Implants & Full Mouth Dental Implants

At Gresel Dental Hayward, we understand how significant it is to have a confident smile and how irritating it may be to have teeth that are damaged or missing. Full Mouth Dental implants may be the best option for you if you have lost one or more teeth due to accident, decay, or extensive gum disease.


Our professionals utilize safe, high-quality materials, innovative technology, digital X-rays & impressions, and computer-guided surgery to give comprehensive treatments. We can address the impact missing teeth may have on your quality of life and self-confidence by restoring your oral health with accuracy.


Our Implant Process

We produce exact 3D pictures of your teeth, jawbone, roots, and facial structure using digital x-rays, imprints, and high-tech scanners. This data is necessary for assessing your oral health and precisely arranging your dental implant therapy. Our Dental Implants, San Leandro comprise the following steps:


  • Planning
  • Pre-treatments
  • Placement
  • Resting Period
  • Restorations Appointment


Pre-Implant Procedures For Treatment Success

Our Hayward Dentist may suggest the following pre-implant procedures on the basis of the findings of your dental exam:

  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • Bone Grafts
  • Sinus Lifts
  • Tooth Extractions

What Is All-On-4 Dental Implant?

This technique restores all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw.

We insert the implants at the precise angle and depth required to support your restoration using our CBCT scanning and surgical guides. This procedure efficiently restores your smile. For someone who has numerous missing, decaying, or broken teeth, the All on 4 dental implants & surgery are beneficial.


Planning for All-On-4 or Full Mouth Dental Implants in Hayward, CA? Look no further than Gresel Dental Hayward! For appointment & bookings, call (510) 925-0080 or visit https://www.greseldentalhayward.com/our-services/restorations/dental-implants/ today!